To be or not to be? Part #2

Posted: August 11, 2010 in To be or not to be?

i am so familiar with the word “be” that it may have lost some of its value. Not unlike the word love. For me i am almost skeptical of the word when it’s spoken to me. Ha….. what if i put the two together….. be love? (rabbit trail)

“Be still and know that I Am God”. i find myself still asking what that looks like for me and that’s after 3 plus years of God speaking those words to me and as i said almost all those that come to the Prayer Center either immediately or eventually get those same words. It’s said sometimes that your guilty by association. Perhaps there’s some of that at work on the campus.  

Upon first evaluation i thought it meant to do nothing. All my emphasis was put on the “be still” portion. NOT! After some further study and experience that said, this was not working, i noticed the “and know” portion. my attention turned away from doing nothing to doing something and that was learning to know. It was during this time that i had way more questions than answers. It was a time that almost tore me to shreds. But for God!!!! This is a new phrase that Ann Marie has introduced at the center and seems to appropriately describe me at that time. From there i somehow began to see, “that I Am”. No i didn’t just get saved then. That happened many years ago but this was as big as that day. Maybe it was the inability to find peace in what i had tried thus far. That included church and all that fits that package? The bundle of unanswered questions? The fact that i had considered every option to God that i could think of? i found nothing that i could consider an option to God? i think what happened is that i removed I Am from the pedestal and began to sense His presence with me and around me everywhere i went. As i look back now i see that “be still and know that I Am God” is not multiple stages or actions. It is all one! Yes “be still, know that, I Am God” is all one motion and it is simply defined for me as “Be”! Right now i am cautioned that this is not a destination.

i want to exist, to live, to occupy a place, but i don’t want to just exist as the world exist. i don’t want to live as the world lives. In fact, i don’t want the world to define existing or living for me. i don’t want to occupy just any old place in this world either. i want my exist to “be” God in me. i want my live(life) to “be” God through me. i want my occupy to “be” occupied by Him.

i say often that out of a revelation of relationship with the Father i will have the correct response. A different way to say it may be that out of my revelation of I Am… i will “be”.

Now i suppose i have not given fair attention to the other word “do”. i’d really like to forget it and move on but, that still small voice inside me won’t let me do that. If for no other reason than it’s the word. See do for me is…. well i was going to say easy. i have been doing one thing or another all my life. Ann Marie and i are getter done people. And that means we are pretty good at do. Truth be told do takes on a whole new meaning when…… well, if the “be” comes first! So……………………………. “be'” must come first for the “do” to “be”? Selah! (pause and think on that)


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