To be or not to be? Part#5

Posted: August 14, 2010 in To be or not to be?

There was a current conversation where someone was discussing a situation with their wife and they were asking me to teach her “The art of argument.” while i do not believe in “The art of argument” i sometimes find my self engaging in it. Not with my wife but with God. Sometimes i like the art of questioning or pursuing understanding and yes sometimes it may be perceived as arguing. i am somewhat in that place with “be” and “do.” When i received the verse Deuteronomy 8:3 it rang true in my mind. i exist, live and occupy a place because God spoke it out of His mouth. Since closing that blog i have not been able to get those words out of my mind. So for the first time ever in doing blogs, i actually know what i am to study next week. The topic will be “WORDS.” i have so many questions, with so few answers. It should make for an interesting week at least for me, but perhaps not so much for you.

i am aware that one of the problems or disadvantages to anyone wanting to read this thing is that it goes on…….. and on……..and on. While there are categories or chapters they tend to run together. And because these come from live time with I Am they often refer to previous writings and that makes it difficult for someone to jump in and know what i am speaking about or hearing. But i must remind everyone that i don’t do this for entertainment or performance or even for anyone to read, but only for the purpose of me leaving a journal for my children, grandchildren and whom ever. It’s more like an electronic novel than a daily blog.

“Be” still and know. “Be” a doer and not a hearer only. “Be” imitators of Him. And all your [spiritual] children shall “be” disciples. And there are many more places where i am instructed to “be.” I Am spoke out of His mouth ed “be.” And then He spoke out of His mouth, ed “do.” That’s what i am sure of. There is not doubt as to where the starting point is for me. my usual first question is “what does that look like?” i know what that looks like as a beginning point. as for “be”ing, i am to exist and live. i am to occupy a place. my choice is to do that for I Am. my starting place for “do” is to be the cause of “ME” “be”ing. “Do” is to sit at His feet and to gaze upon His beauty, not as in the physical but in everything and everywhere me and I Am go.

Now here is one of those references back to previous writings. i must make it a priority. as you may have noticed i did not post yesterday. Why? Because i allowed other things to become priority over me and I Am. If you think that’s  just me being hard on myself, your wrong. It is the  truth. i did not lose sleep, eating time or meeting time. In fact i made a way to eat better than usual. i scheduled time, not with one couple but with two and i rushed the end of an important meeting to get to the restaurant. Priority! My outward meltdowns take place because my inner experiences were not give priority and thus they could not sustain. here are my closing revelations. i will “be” no matter what. The only thing left to determine is will i “be” exist, live, occupy space for I Am, or someone or something else that i deem worthy of being a priority over I Am. me “be”ing will not exist if i don’t make it a priority. “Be” and “Do” are all tied to purposed, private, prolonged time with I Am. ed’s results will be in direct proportion to the effort or priority that i put into it. BLESSINGS and good night to all!


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