“Words” i don’t always get them right!

Posted: August 18, 2010 in Words

6:00 am! enh, enh, enh, enh, enh! That was the irritating sound (no clue about spelling but just imagine the worst sound you can imagine that you can spell and that was it.) It was spewing, yes spewing, from Ann Maries’s blackberry phone. Then, just as she got it under control the westminster chimes took it’s place spewing from my iphone which was on the other side of the room because the designer of the hotel must have run short on funds to put in a decent amount of electrical outlets. Usually i lay there for a few while i’m entering the day. It’s during this time that I try to make my first thought and declaration of the day center around God. i want to establish that i recognize the day as being God’s day and that i will make every attempt to rejoice and be happy in that fact. Not  today…… Not currently my priority!

It’s now about 9:45am and i am sitting on the airplane that will take me to see my new but now 6 month old grandson. The previous paragraph did not exist until i realized it at this time. No good morning God! No declaration of much other than, i’m tired. Certainly no rejoicing. Oh i did declare that i do not like airport “stuff.”  i am fine or at least can tolerate the actual flight, but the airport is where i have a fond dislike. i’ll spare you the why’s. Five more hours of travel! But i am proud of myself, i decided to not call it travel. i was now going to enter into personal, intimate, quiet time. i pulled out my brand new, super duper earphones that were given to me as a gift. It is rare that i get gifts unlike Ann Marie who gets gifts all the time. But when i do get a gift it is outstanding and thus is the case with these headphones! I pulled them out, plugged them into my ears and i immediately entered another dimension. They block out every sound except for the one i desire to hear. i close my eyes and i do not look back.  It’s here that God and i have this discussion. Why did i allow a hotel room and the anticipation of an “airport” experience change my day?

So three and a half hours later i am corrected, adjusted and determined to stay on track. First i must find the time, no i must make the time to do me and I Am. Priorities must be established. Upon arriving  i made it a priority to get some food. Mission accomplished. i spoke it as a matter of fact and the driver went straight to food. i was then excited to hear that the two grand children were going to take naps and thus the priority was established in spite of desiring to take a nap that i would journal.

Between yesterday and today  i have gotten some clarity as far as my question regarding Deuteronomy 8:3. i have read the entire chapter at least 4 or 5 times. i had to consider other scripture as well. One of the dangers for me is that i try to take everything literally. That’s what i did here and i don’t think that’s what God intended in saying what He did in verse 3. When i reread the entire chapter several more times the words took on a different meaning. i believe that God was reminding the people of all they had been through for the purpose of having a relationship with Him. He tells them all that He has done, not to them but through them and their circumstances.

Verse 1 – ALL THE commandments which I command you this day you shall be watchful to do, that you may live and multiply and go in and possess the land which the Lord swore to give to your fathers.

Verse 2 – And you shall [earnestly] remember all the way which the Lord your God led you these forty years in the wilderness, to humble you and to prove you, to know what was in your [mind and] heart, whether you would keep His commandments or not.

Verse 3 – He humbled you and allowed you to hunger and fed you with manna, which you did not know nor did your fathers know, that He might make you recognize and personally know that man does not live by bread only, but man lives by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of the Lord.

Verse – 5 Know also in your [minds and] hearts that, as a man disciplines and instructs his son, so the Lord your God disciplines and instructs you.

These words are really about relationship more than about my desire to think God cares about me more because of some words that make me feel more loved or important. i should know that anything God says is always going to be about relationship. Now listen here! I already know that God loves me! To the point that if i were the only person on earth He would have died for me. As much love as i see that as, i am also aware that it does not compare to His actual love. i understand that. Here’s where that taking things literal can get me into trouble because it was the discussion of verse 3 that caused me to go and reread the entire chapter. Today i have a better or a more probable meaning to those words. What i’m trying to say and it feels like i’m doing a poor job of it, is that i focused on the last line and never considered the words surrounding them with the same interest or intensity.

i think God was telling me just as He was telling them to trust in God, that He has been their provision and He was telling me to remember that He has been and will be my provision. i must admit that some circumstances that came up on Friday were handled differently than they my have been, had I not gotten that verse and then began looking at what was really being said. i missed it on the surface and made it about me. Then God through patience,and persistence taught me that it was about Him and i got it. Yes it took a week or so but better late than never is what i’ll leave it at, at this point.

  1. Wayne Thorn says:

    I agree with you. Everything we read in the Bible all goes around central theme. RELATIONSHIP

    We need to look at our relationship with the father. Because this is what its all about.

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