“Words” Taste and See!

Posted: September 8, 2010 in Words

If i’m going to look at words i suppose i should give some consideration to the flip side… listen. 

Job 34:3? For the ear tries words as the palate tastes food.

i am continuing to read through the 505 verses using the word, word in them. i was captivated or distracted, by the above verse and here’s why.

As for my palate tasting food it’s true. But before it ever get’s to my palate it must get past my eyes. i admit i am a very picky eater and if it doesn’t look good to me, it will not cross my lips. i have some distress when people ask us to come to dinner at their house. i have no idea what they will cook and what i may have to eat out of courtesy. If the food color is green, the palate most likely… well, will never get a chance. The same for orange, except for oranges and sweet potato’s. P E R C E P T I O N S! i have a whole set of rules or should i say perceptions, so that my palate is not offended.

 i am aware that i do the same thing with my ears. i look at where the sound is coming from or more specifically who’s speaking the words and decide if i am likely to like what they will say or not. If i deem the person to be of interest then i am all ears and listen with care. If not, then their words fall on deaf ears. i don’t say this with pride but with honesty. i can tell you that i am far more particular with my palette than with my hearing. That is not always good as my ears are often offended by words allowed to enter my hearing. Ears and hearing are about relationships and in the interest of building relationships i work to listen more. That being said, i am still sometimes selective about what my ears hear. My rules or perceptions rarely work when it comes to what i hear. i find that even the instructions from the word regarding what i am to listen to are difficult for me at times. Relationships? There seems to be a fine line somewhere in all this? Love, listening, obedience, thoughts, captive, words.

Nobody is going to come up to me and shove any type of food into my mouth and insist that my palate taste it. On the other hand most everybody speaks words to me and my ears have no choice but to hear them. PLEASE… don’t anyone perceive that i am saying i don’t want you to speak to me. This is my problem or my task to resolve and the right answer is not to live in silence. If silence were the answer then seclusion would be next and then my new problem or task would be to figure out what to do with the words, “Love the Lord your God and love OTHERS as yourself. Relationships set the perimeters for everything.

So am i to conclude that my eyes really control, direct my ears and palette? Does this make the saying, a picture is worth a thousand words truth? i think not! A picture may or may not be worth a thousand words? 

 Job 34:3? For the ear tries words as the palate tastes food. That is if i’m not to busy figuring out what i’m going to say?


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