“Words” Like my neighbors…

Posted: September 17, 2010 in Words

Better late than never??? i actually thought i was going to be wrapping up my look at words… not to worry my use of words will continue to consume much time and effort. Instead, today is a recap versus a closing. i am using the words from some others to recap what i have observed thus far about words. i say observed rather than learned because my learning is a journey. i never view a 6 week or even a year study as the destination.

My words are not as satisfactory as i should like them to be, but, like my neighbours, i have got to live with them and must make the best and not the worst of them. Samuel Butler

i am to be careful of my thoughts; they may become words at any moment. –Ira Gassen

English is such a deliciously complex and undisciplined language, i can bend, fuse, distort words to all my purposes. i give old words new meanings, and i borrow new words from any language that intrudes into my intellectual environment. Willard Gaylin

i am not to use words too big for the subject. i’m not to say “infinitely” when i mean “very”; otherwise i’ll have no word left when i want to talk about something really infinite. C. S. Lewis

Poor Faulkner. Does he really think big emotions come from big words? He thinks I don’t know the ten-dollar words. I know them all right. But there are older and simpler and better words, and those are the ones I use. Ernest Hemingway

The trouble with talking too fast is, i may say something i haven’t thought of yet. –Ann Landers

Half my world is composed of people who have something to say and can’t, and the other half who have nothing to say and keep on saying it. –Robert Frost

my conversation is largely an endless attempt to convince others that i am more assertive or clever or generous or successful than they might think if i did not carefully educate them. –John Ortberg

My language has three important uses–it expresses thought, conceals thought, and takes the place of thought. –Unknown

i have too many high sounding words, and too few actions that correspond with them. –Abigail Adams

If it takes a lot of words to say what i have in mind – i must give it more thought. –Dennis Roth

My wisdom will be the reward for a lifetime of listening … when i’d have preferred to talk. –D.J. Kaufman

i am to speak clearly, if i speak at all; i must carve every word before i let it fall. –Oliver Wendell Holmes

If i think little of a person, i ought to say as little as i think. –Benjamin Franklin

“When I use a word,” Humpty Dumpty said in rather a scornful tone, “it means just what I choose it to mean–neither more nor less. Lewis Carroll

Proverbs 6:2 i am snared with the words of my lips, i am caught by the speech of my mouth.

Proverbs 10:19 In a multitude of words transgression is not lacking, but if i restrains my lips i am prudent.

Proverbs 17:27 If i have knowledge i spare my words, and if i am a man of understanding i have a cool spirit.

Proverbs 29:20 If you see me as a man who is hasty in my words? There is more hope for a [self-confident] fool than for me.

Ecclesiastes 5:2 i am not to be rash with my mouth, and i am not to let my heart be hasty to utter a word before God. For God is in heaven, and i am on earth; therefore let my words be few.

Blessings and have a great WORD day!


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