Mellifluous – I see love in your eyes!

Posted: September 20, 2010 in Mellifluous

Mellifluous: [muh-lif-loo-uhs] – sweetly or smoothly flowing; sweet-sounding: a mellifluous voice; mellifluous tones, flowing with honey.

Words and music mellifluous sweetly or smoothly flowing, sweet-sounding, mellifluous tones, flowing with honey.

my look at words and music and the idea that the two become one was expanded with my last post. One of the comments from the previous posts said this, “Words and Music blended by the Holy Spirit does seem to reach a certain place in the heart where separately they perhaps they would not meet.” i agree!

From the last posting i went to a weekly meeting where 10 to 20 of us are exploring relationship or i should say doing life together. i gave everyone 30 minutes to come up with a song that did one of three things.

1. It was a song about them.

2. It was a song that spoke to them.

3. It was a song that they would use to speak to someone else.

What a blessing it was and still is three days later. The willingness of this group to expose themselves through the songs was totally unexpected. So much so, that i felt led to spend however long i need to, to share these songs with you and… and for me to focus my time of daily intercession for each individual on the day i use their song. i will not be naming the person whom the song belongs to but i am hoping that God will share with me a word for that individual and for anyone else who may listen to the song.

the first song is called Headphones by Britt Nicole. i had never heard the song or the artist but……. i challenge anyone to listen to the song and not find themselves moving in some way to the mellifluous rhythms. The words and the music draw me in… into words and music that i would never have found on my own. i enjoy everything about this song, especially the way it makes me smile. It encourages me and i have experienced the truth of the chorus which says, “Anytime you feel alone, put on your headphones.” i am not including all the written words, but just the ones i will comment on.

05 – Headphones

She gave it her best
She tried to fit in
She tried to be cool
But she never could win
Her mom says she’s great
The kids think she’s weird
Honestly she wish she could disappear

Why you try, try to be like the rest of them
When you know there’s so much more within
There’s only one you
Here’s what ya’ gotta do

REMEMBER you are God’s child made in His image and likeness! Remember that you are not peripheral to the world but the world is peripheral to you. In my opinion we need free thinkers! So like the song says,

Whoa, whoa…
Anytime you feel alone, put on your headphones
Love, love’s coming through your headphones
Anytime you feel alone, put on your headphones
Love, love’s coming through your headphones
L-o-o-ove is coming through your headphones
L-o-o-ove is coming through your headphones

Hey, you might not see it with your eyes
But keep your head up to the sky
The sun is coming through
Here’s what you gotta do

So keep your head up high and dust off your shoulders
It’s alright, no, it’s not over
Love is here, it came to dry up all your tears
Oh, can you feel it
Gotta believe it, gotta see it
By your side in the middle of the night
So keep your head up high and the dust off your shoulders
It’s alright, no it’s not over

Everything begins in God, everything goes through GOD, AND EVERYTHING ENDS IN GOD! It’s alright, NO it’s not over!

Twinkle, twinkle in your eye
Listen to this lullaby
The sun is shining in the sky
I see love it’s in your eyes

And this i pray: that your love may abound yet more and more and extend to its fullest development in knowledge and all keen insight [that your love may display itself in greater depth of acquaintance and more comprehensive discernment],

My closing thought is Proverbs 17:22 A happy heart is good medicine and a cheerful mind works healing, but a broken spirit dries up the bones. Your song  gives me a happy heart. It makes me smile but it also brings tears to my eyes because i let “Stuff” steal my happy heart. BLESSINGS!

  1. Nickel Cilia says:

    This is so much more impactful to me about the person that picked this song. When we listened to the songs I heard some of the words but not all. This is definitely a reflection on this person’s heart, bright and cheery, with a hidden pain underneath too. A beautiful person inside and out! 😀

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