Mellifluous – The Song of Songs!

Posted: October 14, 2010 in Mellifluous

It is better to ask questions and seem foolish than to not ask questions and be stupid. Yesterday i was just asking myself questions. Always know that, i am not trying to gather support for my thoughts so when one of them seems to be out there just disregard it.

While i did not resolve my question i did find thoughts and direction toward that end. As i drove into the prayer center this morning one of my favorite songs began playing. It’s called Word of God Speak. Immediately i asked whats the difference between Word of God Speak and Come as You Promised? None that i could come up with. So where di yesterdays question come from? Not a clue! Word of God speak… He has, He is and He will and without me asking Him to but none the less i speak those words. Word of God speak as though He isn’t? So to keep this simple i see no difference in the two songs. They are written, sung and minister to those whose hearts are turned toward God and desire more of Him. David cried out to God for what would seem to be the obvious and God called him a man after His own heart. So…. i am moving on without question. If you ask a wrong question, you’ll get a wrong answer.

On another note before i get to today’s song. I entered the center today and immediately began shampooing carpets. My post was not yet done but the room had to be ready for prayer by 11. i began thinking of Brother Lawrence who disliked washing dishes. Actually he didn’t dislike it he just found it to be meaningless. It has been over tn years ago that i read his story and how he learned to worship God in whatever he was doing. Today i am applying that principal. Carpet shampooing is a mindless mundane task that needed to be done. I did it and thought nothing about but focused on what God would have me post today. Do i recommend this for everyone all the time? Well not normally. While the concept is one which we need to learn i have also Jesus example of getting up long before the sun rose and going to a far away place for silence and solitude with His Father. There is just one flaw. i am doing this where i am easily found and so found i was on several occasions. Oh well!

Twenty one days, covering twenty-one songs and twenty-one individuals and such variety of music styles as well as revealing information. Todays song is an introduction to what’s called the harp and bowl style of music. It’s actually prayer intertwined within the music. i heard this song prior to my first visit to IHOP (International House of Prayer) in Kansas City. i fell in love with it then and obviously it still holds a firm place in my heart 4 years later. It is actually a huge part of why i am involved in a prayer room today. The fact that Ann Marie chose this song as well  makes it all the better and on the last day of this series i get to intercede for my very best friend. i know that sounds strange, as though i don’t intercede for her other times, but today is focused just on her. It’s not intertwined with everyone else.

 The song is over 12 minutes long but i can listen to it over and over. It comes from The Book of the Song of Solomon and it covers chapters 1 and 2. It is intimate and the word mellifluous could have been created just for this song. The song is called Kiss Me.

01 Kiss Me

What a strange day this has been and it’s only 12:20pm! A day that God has made for sure but one where the foolish things are most definitely confounding the thought to be wise me. Yet in the midst of the strangeness i am hanging on to an element of peace that passes all understanding and doing so with great perseverance. Not sure that some portion of that perseverance isn’t being driven by some elements of fear, doubt and not wanting to experience an outward meltdown. So i am drawing from inward experiences to sustain me and doing well at the time of this post. Keeping in mind that there is no security in what God is doing or not doing, but only in who He is!

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