Lachrymose… A time for tears!

Posted: November 22, 2010 in Lachrymose

Weepy: weeping or tending to weep, tearful, lachrymose, exuding water or other moisture, leaky.

Lachrymose: suggestive of or tending to cause tears, given to shedding tears readily.


Life often makes no sense. Accidents happen, people become ill, others die prematurely leaving behind families. Plans and dreams go unfulfilled. People who were there for you one moment are there no more, for a variety of reasons.

When i consider and see it all, it floods me with emotion. Whether good or bad it’s like a knife in the heart. What remains is bewilderment, confusion, anger, doubt, sorrow, joy, exuberance, and ultimately tears. Not something i am used to or comfortable with.

 There is an ancient custom of using “Tear Bottles”. The belief was that tears were “sacred.” Archaeologists have uncovered in ancient tombs Lachrymatories – small vials – bottle for tears. In those days tears were collected and every tear shed was sacred! As i just turned 59 it seems as though i can’t do anything without shedding a tear. No event is exempt, meetings, weddings, movies, television shows, teaching, sharing, even a sports interview. As for trying to collect them, well i’d need my own Lachrymatory. i’m not so sure about them being sacred either. I have heard before that when people get older they become weepy. For me the word weepy just doesn’t cut it so, i found what i think is a better word, Lachrymose. It’s a word i have never heard but it sounds more descriptive to me than weepy. A more manly word. i find myself lachrymose, given to shedding tears readily.

The Psalmist David said, “God, put my tears into your bottle.” Psalm 56  My question, why would God collect “tears?”

i as well as everyone i know collect things that i am are interested in, that are of value, that are rare and that i… well, i just don’t want to throw away.

God collects the tears of those who cry out to him, because He’s interested in my tears. i may not feel anyone else cares, but i believe God cares. He knows my tears are of value. Being lachrymose has not always been a state of being that i was familiar with. You know, that men don’t cry thing! But one of the most memorable times in my life was a day where i did not just cry, i wept uncontrollably, not for a moment but for minutes, which seemed like days. That day my tears washed away deep hurts and wounds.

My tears may dry up where they fall, but they do not dry up or evaporate before God. The tears God collects are as priceless treasures and He keeps them safe.

In my everyday life, God seems to be saying, “Don’t bottle up your tears within inside yourself.” i try to bottle them up – afraid, afraid to let go, and realizing that it’s unhealthy to bottle up too much inside. i am finding the volume of tears is too massive and they squeeze against every fiber of my soul. For seemingly no reason they press their way out and express my inner feelings regarding any number of subjects. This all occurs at the most inconvenient times as well. They are in control and that is what causes me the problem. They, not i are in control. And the being afraid part, is that as the tears surface someone just might ask, “what’s wrong.” My tears have always been for my own personal enjoyment, not for the world to see. i am learning that God gave me tears as a way of cleansing my heart, mind, soul and they wash away any number of emotions. For most of my life i held them in and so nothing ever got washed out. The Psalmist was saying, my tears are too many – i can’t hold them all so “God put my tears into Your bottle.”

i know that God is with me. It’s okay for me and every other person to weep, to cry, to tremble. God says, “Let me hold you ed, let me embrace you” your tears are sacred.

In closing i offer my translation of Psalm 56:8 God, You’ve kept track of my every toss and turn through the sleepless nights. Each tear, You capture into Your bottle, each emotion you write in Your book. my hope is that being lachrymose is for Him and not just some biological curse… or blessing as some may view it, of getting older. One bottle filled and sealed.


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