Lachrymose – Tis The “Season” but should it be?

Posted: November 26, 2010 in Lachrymose

Well it’s Thanksgiving Day! i really dislike that, so much is placed on a single day of being thankful, as though we don’t have time for it any other day. As i hear from many that i haven’t for quite some time the weepyness continues. Where are these people all the rest of the time? And yes where am i as well? A simple text letting people know that they are thought of and responses come. For all of these i at one time or another thought i was in relationship. i do not have unnecessary contacts in my list. Whom ever is relevant exist and if not relevant then why store it? Sounds cold… but it’s not. Obviously for me to have over 100 people in the list which means i don’t give up quickly or easily.

Just checking the names on the list so as to send the message brought about many memories both from long ago and in recent days. Last Friday came to mind for several. Today we are away from our usual environment and will be so for 8 more days. In a little while we will eat with some friends of 25 years. We will see the adult version of what were new borns when we first met. Many opportunities for tears. At the same time looking forward to time with our children and grandchildren in just a few weeks. Many opportunities for tears. And now that the “season” has officially arrived all the movies come as well. It’s a wonderful life, The Bells of St Mary, White Christmas, and Christmas Shoes all many opportunities for many tears.

There appears to be no way around it, i might as well carry a box of kleenx with me and let that be fair warning to all that you speak to me or look at me with risk of experiencing tears. i probably won’t be able to explain but i assure you they are tears of compassion regardless of what about. I think to say anymore would be to much.

Let me close by saying thank you to all of you for having enough meaning in my life that you can bring me to tears! I mean that seriously! Not many have done that in my life. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!


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