Relationship and Obedience – Entitlement?

Posted: March 1, 2011 in Relationship and Obedience
Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment. Jim Rohn
i have to go back to Sampson for a moment. i don’t know why but the word entitlement has invaded every thought i have had since very early(long before the sun rose) this morning. For that reason i am just thinking back on Sampson  as i think that’s where it’s cominh from. Sampson wasn’t stupid as i first thought. God had ordained his birth and given him a very specific purpose to begin the deliverance of Israel. He gave detailed instruction as to how he and his family were to live so he had all the information and the application ability that he needed. So if he wasn’t stupid or mentally challenged, how could he repeat the same events over and over and eventually have his eyes gouged out his strength taken away and live out his days in captivity.

How ironic, he is to begin the deliverance of Israel and he ends up a captive.  Sampson was fully aware of what God spoke to his mother and father. He was fully aware that God intervened in his parents lives in order for them to give birth to Sampson. They had tried for years and it wasn’t happening, that is until God stepped in.

With all that said, i must believe that Sampson had a sense of entitlement toward God. He expected God to do everything regarding his life. So if he is not stupid then maybe he was to smart for his own britches. He thinks he can toy with sin and God will deliver him. Again he toys with sin and maybe he  just thinks he’s entitled to deliverance by God. Do i have that same sense of entitlement? i toy with sin and then because i have done well in the past i just expect a pass on this one from God. Maybe i expect God to move on my behalf because of what i know or think i know. i want to build a savings account in the bank of God. Today i do as instructed and so a deposit is made into my account. Tomorrow or whenever i come up short on my personal intimate relationship with God, i want Him to use my overdraft protection and take what He needs from my savings.

See there is a huge difference between mercy and grace extended from God and my sense of entitlement. i see this as a very dangerous place which tries to invade my relationships in every direction. i get offended because i have a sense of entitlement when dealing with individuals. That sense of entitlement replaces my responsibility to do 1 Corinthians 13. Instead of believing the best of someone i criticize them for not doing what i felt i was entitled to or i record a record of a wrong done.

Entitlement: the right to guaranteed benefits under some program. These rights may or may not be specified and or implied by the one in charge.

i may think that i am entitled to mercy, grace, peace, but the word does not say that. God says, trust in me and you will have peace. i am not guaranteed to have peace until i trust in Him. And the amount of peace i have is in direct proportion to the amount of my trust in Him. More trust more peace. Little trust, little peace.

Common sense in an uncommon degree is what the world calls wisdom. Samuel Taylor Coleridge

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