Relationship and Obedience – Interest or Committment

Posted: March 3, 2011 in Relationship and Obedience

“There’s a difference between interest and commitment. When you’re interested in doing something, you do it only when circumstance permits. When you’re committed to something, you accept no excuses.” If you do it you get it, if you don’t you won’t!

i know i used this a few days ago, but it won’t go away. It has been showing up in many of my conversations. If or i should say when as a man of faith, my children and grandchildren read this i would hope that they would pay special attention to this post. i like always looked to Webster’s to get definitions of each word so that i can evaluate where i am in my relationships and more specifically in my relationship with God. So definitions first.

INTEREST: something that concerns, involves, draws the attention of, or arouses the curiosity.

i find that i definitely have INTEREST in many of the relationships that i have. In some cases my interest is concern for the individual. i see or hear things that draws my attention or arouses my curiosity, understanding that what is drawing or arousing me may be good or bad. i have much interest or curiosity regarding many things. My mind is in continual thought process. i also have more interests due to becoming a better listener. I hear more thus i am more interested. There is a book that i have read many times over my years, called The Heart Reader. It is about a man who for some reason and through God begins to hear the hearts of everyone he’s around and i would say he becomes curious or interested in people. i don’t think there is any shortage of interest in people today. Interest to me is all the dating or ways to meet ideas that have popped up. Interest to me is the intimacy of dating these days with no commitment to a future. i am concerned that, interest is all it is. And i wonder if it hasn’t consumed the Body of Christ as well. Interest or committed?

COMMITTMENT: the act of committing, pledging, or engaging oneself, a promise, obligation. COMMITTING: to pledge oneself, to bind or obligate, to send into a battle.

To send into battle! When i commit i am sending myself into battle. i think that’s where i am in most of my relationships including God. i am battling for them. It must be why at the end of the day that i am exhausted. i may lose some skirmishes but i have not lost the battle. But here’s what i must do. i must increase my committment. Not across the board but in specific relationships. i must stay away from what i am feeling about relationships and stick to my committment to them. i must also deal with my perceptions because they are often wrong and they tend to lower or at least lead me to lower my committment level. If i perceive that i am getting no where then why continue. If i perceive that the relationship is one-sided then why would i want to make any committment to it. Ask a wrong question and i get a wrong answer.

So in closing… Catches my attention, arouses my curiosity  interested in doing it only when circumstance permits OR obligate myself, send myself  into battle and accept no excuses.


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