The Nature Of God – He Is Faithful

Posted: May 5, 2011 in The Nature Of God

Once again i can not add any words that would improve upon these words so i will simply rely upon God’s faithfulness and sit silently in His peacefulness, because my own peace is… let’s just say rattling today.

i need an ongoing revelation of an aspect of the nature of God.

For me, it’s becoming the peace of God and His faithfulness.

God has been relentlessly faithful and peaceful with me over many, many, many years, more faithful and more peaceful than I deserve, relentlessly faithful and peaceful. 

He has pursued me with faithfulness and peacefulness, to a point where every living day I expect to have an experience of the faithfulness and  peacefulness of God.

I have an expectation when I wake up in the morning, even in my dreams I expect the faithfulness and peacefulness of God to come.

I can’t remember a day when I was disappointed in the last, I don’t know, the last 7 years at least.

The thing is I look for the peacefulness of God every day, because that’s my joy, to see the hand of faithfulness and peacefulness coming towards me, a peaceful word, a faithful  blessing. 

Even on the difficult days there is always an act of faithfulness and peacefulness for me.  Because that’s my revelation; He’s the most faithful and peaceful person I’ve ever met in my entire life.

He will not rest Himself, until i have a revelation of what He is really, really like.

Then He has to back that revelation with experience.  These are the things He so loves to do.

He’s faithful.

  1. Megan says:

    This has been my experience as well! Your last few sentences are exactly what ive been pondering lately! Yay for one spirit & unity! I’m chugging along with you Ed.

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