Tell Me About It

Posted: October 28, 2011 in "While The Cats Away"

Holy Spirit, I thank you for being who you are and for being consistent and true. I thank you for being the God who hears. Amen.

I’ve always wondered if perhaps I (and others) might unnecessarily complicate some things Jesus said and did – the Gospel and the living it out part.

I read of the apostles in Acts who were being persecuted, thrown into prisons (by the Church!), stoned to death, etc.

Why? ALL they did was tell what they had SEEN and HEARD.

The Gospel to them was not just stories and tales of a kingdom to come – it was a person who was reality to them right then! They had HEARD Jesus talk about His Father’s Kingdom and they had SEEN Him demonstrate it. So all they did was SPEAK WHAT THEY HAD HEARD and DO WHAT THEY HAD SEEN DONE! Sooooo SIMPLE! And yet this simple lifestyle of theirs was so radical and INFLUENTIAL that it literally turned the culture of the time upside-down to the point where even imprisonment and death could not stop it! Even Jesus said that He only said and did what He saw His Father say and do.

I read this story the other day of a man who was born blind, Jesus healed him, and his neighbors asked the man how he received his sight. I’m paraphrasing here (you can read it for yourself in John 9 – there’s so much more goodness in there beyond this application!), but he says, “Look, I was born blind, this man named Jesus spat on the ground, made mud with the spit and the dirt, put it on my eyes, told me to wash it in this pool, and I could see.” Then the religious church people asked him the same question and he told them the same thing. At this point, the Jews and religious people were all upset by who Jesus was and what He was doing so they asked the was-blind guy what he thought about Him. The guy basically says, “I don’t know if He is or is not what you say, all I know is I was blind but now I see.” They didn’t like this answer so they asked him again what happened and he says to them, “I already told you, why should I tell you again? Do you want to become His disciples too?” They got angry at him and the conversation continued to the point where they threw him out of the church. All this man did was tell people what happened to him – he told them how he encountered this Jesus; and there was such purity and truth from this man’s simple retelling of his experience that it challenged the corruption, hardness, deception, and frailty of these people’s hearts. It challenged the status quo.

Jesus, I desire to know you more, more than before. To see you and hear you so that what comes out of my mouth is honest and true and pure. So that when I am challenged or even just questioned by a seeking heart, I don’t have to complicate anything, all I have to do is simply tell them what you’ve told me and show them what you’ve shown me so that You can show them Yourself in and through this life. Thank you for never leaving me…thank you for leading me. 

Just tell them what I told you

And show them how I love you

Then let your life be the song that’s never been sung 



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