Posted: November 22, 2011 in Wandering Thoughts

Yes Teco as in electric company Teco. And i know that i posted already but that was really yesterdays. ed’s timing is not always everybody elses, i got that from the Father.

i do not even know where to begin! Today the center is closed but due to the holiday i decided to go in and make sure everything is set as some schedules change and… well some people clean up better than others so i wanted to make sure to cover the others. i then decide to do some administration like paying our electric bills. Two of them had final notices and were to be paid on the 21st or be turned off, yes i now know today is the 22nd not the 21st as i thought. i go ahead and pay the bills online and then call to take care of another matter. After the usual automated process i decided to make an intentional error to get a live person. It worked as planned. Her voice was sweet and she was all about helping me with the several items i needed.  i give her the first account number and sh proceeds to say, “give me a moment.” Then she tells me that there was a disconnect service order on the account and she removed it from both past due accounts. She had pulled up all four of our accounts, on her own and took care of business i didn’t know i need. Then she fixed another item on one of the accounts that may give us a refund of four to five hundred dollars. She gives me the info i needed and it turned out that we awed almost five hundred dollars less that what our statements said because there was some delay in posting credits. i am now at the end of the call and we are current on every account AND… our next bills which are due December 11th are at least $300.00 less than what they have been running so we are good to go for December.

Now get ready, i say to her that this has been the most pleasant phone experience i can remember and i not only thank her but tell her that i appreciate her and she has made this experience memorable. Here it comes…. she says, “Walk into your destiny.” Sir, “Walk into your destiny.” i mustered up all the composure i could and said “i wish i could meet you and tell you what that means to me.” She then said “walk into your destiny because your  never going to be the same, your never going to be the same.”

Is there anything left to say?

P.S. As i’m typing this it occurs to me that Teco brings lights to my life, they are an electric company. If i think of Teco i think of the lights in my home and at the center and everywhere i go. So imagine a woman who works for Teco a company that brings lights to my life shares words that bring light to my spiritual life with words of confirmation.

  1. megan says:

    This is so flipping awesome!! 🙂

  2. I AM His Olive says:

    … 🙂

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