Posted: February 7, 2012 in Wandering Thoughts

The oars of grace gave me the ability to resist the current and move upstream to my destiny of advancing the kingdom of God. my physical strength is my faith. Unfortunately my inner strength as i have written before grows weary of the fight. i often forget that i have what it takes when in reality i do. Eventually i lose hope, run out of steam and i quit.

Once i quit rowing, my boat, my life, my forward progress will keep moving forward for an unknown amount of time. It’s called momentum and unless i am watching my steps carefully i run the risk of becoming deceived. i experienced this in September of 2011 and by October of 2011 my forward progress ended. There is still some fruit in my life even though what encouraged or brought it into being, it no longer existed. i began to live life at ease, no longer diligent, no longer alert, yet still a Christian by most standards.

my life came to a stand still… and then… much to my surprise i began to drift backwards, downstream, slowly at first and then the speed kept pace with the current. Even though i pointed upstream, it is only in appearance. Boat pointed upstream but moving downstream. i have the appearance of Christianity. i know the talk, the songs, and the mannerisms, but truth be told i am conforming to the ways of the world.

Here’s another surprise. i eventually spot a party boat and now that i am going the same way i decide why be alone and i join them. Now i leave my boat and my oars (God’s grace) behind. We all get along wonderfully because now, we all know the songs, we all know the talk, we all know the mannerisms and we are all delusional.

Now i am no longer mocked or persecuted by the unbelieving world. In fact i am accepted and often hailed by the worlds influencers. Philippians 3:14 says, i press toward the goal for the upward call of God, but i put that to rest, by joining the party boat and just being along for the ride.

From all this i fall into one of the following categories of people.

Unbeliever: i just flow with the current, oblivious to the reality of want, want, want.

Believer: i press, press, press in the fight to mature in the word and “Be” what i was created to “Be.”

Deceived: my motive of wanting, wanting, wanting, through “Christian appearance” and the misuse of the word.


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