God Wrote A Book About me! Part 2

Posted: March 6, 2012 in Am i There Yet?

It takes a relentless spirit to finish strong. my story isn’t that i run with happiness. It says i run with purpose, i run with seriousness. i watched a movie this week-end and there was one redeeming… yes, just one, line that came from wasting  over two hours. The line was that when we lose or are not doing our purpose we are broken. i have felt what that is like.

my finishing well requires more than me being happy. It requires persistence and endurance, being relentless in my effort. Hebrews 12:1 in the message says it this way, “Strip down, start running and never quit!” Completing my journey is important in ways i may never know. Not only me but every person regardless of the amount of time lived, influences others. It is important for me to not look back nor leave the course that has been written about me. i must be relentless to live my story as written by the one who created me.

Many days are filled with adversities, health, family, employment, finances, etc., etc., etc., but these situations are not hopeless even though they may seem so. They are just well dressed lies. The story about me says that God has given me Grace to do what truth demands.

Today i will delight in the words written in Luke 1:15 where God calls me “great in His sight.”

God foresaw me as successful. He saw me with a fabulous life. He foresees a great finish for me, one in which i leave a legacy of faith, significance and greatness to the benefit of others. But… it’s contingent on my relentless pursuit to stick to the story as it’s written.


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