Can i Or Can’t i? – Part 1

Posted: May 23, 2012 in Can i Or Can't i?

i can do all things. i can do all things. i can do all things. i can do all things. i can do all things. i can do all things. i can do all things. i can do all things. i can do all things. i can do all things. i can do all things. i can do all things. i can do all things. i can do all things. i can do all things. i can do all things. i can do all things. i can do all things. i can do all things. i can do all things.

My computer is not stuck. These words were spoken by Ann Marie and i for us and our children. We spent purposed time drilling the idea into ourselves and more specifically into our children, that there was and is nothing we can’t do. When they were young and we were learning these words we had a can in our house so that when someone spoke words that said, “i can’t” they had to put a nickle in the can and later we used the “I Can’t” money for an “I Can” experience. As they became adults we continued to speak that they could do all things and that their lives did not have to be determined by circumstances but by the words written in Phillippians 4:13 I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me. It appears to have taken hold and for the most part worked well for them.

But… i have reservations as to how well it will work for all time. i think i put the emphasis on the wrong portion of the verse. In those days we were new to the word and many things were about what we could do, when in the natural, supposedly we couldn’t. Yes, i and they can do all things but there is more to the verse, in fact a more important portion of the verse. The first five words, “i can do all things” are followed by a condition for the success in living those first five words. These two words that follow bring about the sustainability for all time of the first five. They are what give me the strength to be able to overcome circumstances, to exceed what the things of this world may offer, the ability to have stability, an assurance that in the end, i can do all things. The two most important words in this verse are “Through Christ.” My reservation is that i did not impress these two words upon my children near as much as i did the “i can do all things.”

The “i can do all things” is incomplete in and of itself. Yet i see many who it still seems to work for and i have the same reservations for them as for my children. Mind you i am not making a judgement on my children nor anyone else, i am simply sharing a reservations. Both of my children have overcome many obsticles in their lives. Relationships that have left hurts, jobs that have been less than expected, children that challenge everyday life and the list goes on. i’m wondering today if i really have been challenged by anything that says “NO YOU CAN’T DO ALL THINGS! Yet in saying that, there are things that i am faced with that i know i cannot directly solve the problem. My daughter needs a new pancrease and… i cannot do all things, like getting her one. Yet the most important thing i can do is pray to the One who can, “Through Christ”. So with that in mind is it safe to say “i can do all things?”

i tend to leave the “Through Christ” words as understood. Yes, understood as in “everybody already knows that it’s “Through Christ.” i am today thinking i have been mistaken, not everybody knows that it’s “Through Christ.” And… not everybody who knows that it’s “Through Christ” understands what that means or looks like in everyday life. Let me use the example of marriage again to illustrate this. Ann Marie and i can do all things in marriage, not because we hang out together, not because we both want to, not because we believe we can and not because our parents drilled it into us, but we can do all things because we reallize that it is marriage as designed by God that we have the energy to do what marriage requires of us and to be able to do all things that marriage was intended to be.

The Amplified Bible says this well, “I have strength for all things in Christ Who empowers me [I am ready for anything and equal to anything through Him Who [g]infuses inner strength into me; I am [h]self-sufficient in Christ’s sufficiency].”

  1. Tina Yeager says:

    Great post. Had to share on twitter.

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