Wacky Laws?

Posted: June 15, 2012 in Jesus The Answer?

Thanks to Bob deffinbaugh for the details contained in today’s post. It was actually his daughter that provided him with a book of “whacky laws” in America. i am using them as a pre-cursor to pointing out some of the “whacky Jewish laws” of Jesus’ day and then looking at why this man got into trouble. i am inclined to look at these laws and laugh, amazed at how ridiculous they seem. Every one of these apparently ridiculous laws made sense to the lawmakers at the time they became law. These “whacky laws” were a legislative attempt to prevent or solve a real problem of some kind.

  • “In Pennsylvania, the penalty for cursing is a forty-cent fine. However, if God is mentioned in the curse, the fine is sixty-seven cents.”
  • “It is illegal to mispronounce the name of the city of Joliet, Illinois.”
  • “In Utah, the law requires that daylight be seen between two dancing partners.”
  • “In San Francisco, you are not permitted to carry a basket suspended from a pole.”
  • “It is unlawful for goldfish to ride on a Seattle, Washington, bus unless they lie still.”
  • “Michigan law requires taking a census of bees every winter.”
  • “In Natchez, Mississippi, it is against the law for elephants to drink beer.”
  • “An old Hollywood, California, ordinance forbids driving more than two thousand sheep down Hollywood Boulevard at one time.”
  • “In Muncie, Indiana, you cannot bring fishing tackle into a cemetery.”
  • “The California penal code prohibits the shooting of any animal, except a whale, from an automobile.”
  • “In Kansas City, Missouri, children are prohibited by law from buying cap pistols. However, the law does not restrict them from buying shotguns.”
  • “A Minnesota law requires that men’s and women’s underwear not be hung on the same clothesline at the same time.”
  • “In Joliet, Illinois, women are not allowed to try on more than six dresses in one store.”

As a parents,i kinda understand how this happens. i would love to have been abe able to give my children a general principle or guideline, and trust them to follow it. For example, i wish i could have said to my daughter, “Just be home at a reasonable hour.” The trouble is that she did not agree with me about what “reasonable” means, and so i had to give an exact time. i learned to make the rules more and more specific. The more specific i made these rules, the sillier they appear be. Jewish Law to follow.

  1. Tina Yeager says:

    What fun to read! Thanks for posting.

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