Posted: June 22, 2012 in Jesus The Answer?

As Manard G Crebbs used to say on the Dobie Gills show, WORK!! Yes this dates me and so most who read this will not have a clue as to my reference. Just humor and old man for a moment and let it slide.

In what sense is God “working”? i have a general sense that God is always working to maintain His creation and to bring about His plans and purposes: “God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose” (Romans 8:28). This is a seven-day week working, so what happens to the idea of resting on the sabbath? Perhaps this needs to redefine my definition of Sabbath.  As i think on this i doubt that God ever considers healing a person as work, regardless of the day it occurs on. I doubt that God ever considers loving me as work, although He could rightly do so, again regardless of time, as His love is never-ceasing, thus it’s 24/7. So what am i to do with the idea of a day of rest?

There is a specific sense in which God has been “at work” from the time of creation on, bringing about salvation for fallen men. Mere men can contribute nothing to this “working.” It is God’s work. And so men should rest on the Sabbath. But since Jesus is God, then He, as God, must work at that which His Father is working. A part of that saving work is healing the sick (see Luke 4:16-21; John 11:2-6)

The Jews grasp the implication of Jesus words. Notice that John does not tell us that from this point on that the Jews are trying to kill Jesus. He tells us, “For this reason the Jewish authorities were trying even harder to kill him.” These Jews have already determined that Jesus must be put to death. This incident, and especially Jesus words, give them further incentive for doing this as soon as possible. They resolve to increase their efforts to kill Jesus, not just because He is violating the Sabbath (a sin punishable by death), but because He is making Himself equal with God.

i personally have never experienced what today’s post describes, a resolve by someone to kill me. Then… i have never claimed to be a son of God and used that as my reason for doing what i was doing. There is a sadness that can be found in those words. When people ask me how i am, i usually come back with “i am.” Many times i leave it blank, as on that day, at that time, i am not sure what i am. There are moments when i know exactly what i am such as “i am healed, i am God’s child born again of the incorruptible seed of His word, i am His favorite one, i am His, i am, i am, i am.” Jesus knew all the time, every time that He was the Son of God and counted the cost of letting others know it. He never bragged about it or took advantage of it, but, He knew it!

  1. mercadeo says:

    would you then explain: if god wants to take a life, how is he gonna do it? if god only has authority over a life to be taken. a life taken by someone else is a murder. god will take a life by ordering the person to commit suicide. suicide is divine.

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