My Addiction – Recovery – Part 16

Posted: August 9, 2012 in My Addiction
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Peaceful Living – Comes from Acting on Basic Biblical Truths – Structured Into A Program For Daily Life

i’m going to close out the week by sharing what i believe will be a key to the success of my recovery, “love what is.”

i find myself searching much of the time and so are many people i know. It could be that at the time your reading this you may be one of them.

Some are searching for a job, financial stability, or a way through this economic turmoil. Others are searching for meaning, wondering if anything in life really matters, or even if they matter.

Others are searching for a sense of identity, an inner knowledge of who they are. Some search for purpose. Others for a relationship with God, or a deepening sense of spiritual connection. i probably fall into this category. i have some sense of my identity, i have some inner knowledge of who i am, i’m living my purpose for the moment and i have a relationship with God but i want a deeper sense of spiritual connection with Him.

Many are searching for connection with other human beings, whether it’s friendship, deepened intimacy, or someone with whom to grow old with.

Many are searching for a way out — a way out of pain in all its forms, a way out of disappointment, regret, shame, anger, sadness, loss, anxiety and fear.

And, then… i search in the mundane too. I lost something the other day, and spent two hours trying to find it.

I find myself searching for things that are really nothings at all, like more time, more confidence, more happiness, more information, knowledge, or skills.

I am in constant  search to understand, to make sense of, to fix, to figure out, to achieve insight. It’s always about something other than what is.

All this searching takes enormous effort. It makes me tired! i go to sleep exhausted and wake up still exhausted.

Sometimes it pays off, but often it doesn’t and I am right back at it again.

My searching actually pulls me out of my life.

i want peace, but when i find it i am unable to keep it long enough to convince myself, let alone anyone else, that i’ve got it.

Maybe that’s the problem. Maybe peace of mind isn’t something i have or find, but something i do, nurture, and cultivate within myself. Maybe it’s right under my nose.

People often find me in the searching rut. A few take the time to let me know that they think i am grasping for something just out of my reach, while pushing away that which i don’t like all that much.

Picture that, one hand grasping and the other pushing away, it might make you smile as it does me while typing it. These are odd moments, and not much fun either. It takes those around me to bring me back, and make me aware that I am desperate to be anywhere else but where I am.

Today I am sharing a few words. No advice. No quick fixes. I am simply offering a quote i stumbled upon.

“The secret to achieving inner peace lies in understanding our inner core values – those things in our lives that are most important to us-and then seeing that they are reflected in the daily events of our lives.” — Hyrum W. Smith

Searching to have or be something other than i am is not a core value of mine. But understanding my core values is different. Living my life in alignment with what truly matters to me isn’t about searching. It is living with myself, my histories, and going forward to create a life worthy of God’s words, “well done thou good and faithful servant.” That kind of peace is durable. It can’t be bought, lost, or stolen. It’s hard, yes. And, it can be sweet too.

But first, i’ll need to decide WHO and WHAT i’m living for. Now, where did I put that thing?


Step 1 –  i admit that i am powerless over “sin” to the point that it has become unmanageable in my daily

Step 2 –  i must begin to take God seriously and birth a process, which brings forth my faith which is not based on any proof.

Step 3 – i surrender my will and my life to God.

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    Oh my goodness yes! ‘Core values’….yes, much to discuss tomorrow:)

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