Peaceful Living – Comes from Acting on Basic Biblical Truths – Structured Into A Program For Daily Life


i need wisdom, not just knowledge. As i go deeper He begins to entrust me with more and more of His mind. God only gives to me what He knows will flow through me. Selah- pause and let that sink in.

This is a truth that hits to the core of everything about me. I am already well educated beyond my level of  obedience

A huge part of discipline is found in, BE STILL AND KNOW! For 7 years i have heard those words over and over and for many of those years i tended to become restless and preoccupied with only one thought, when will this be over? When do i get to get going and do something grand? Remember i said that God will only give to me what He knows will flow through me. That’s through me… not into me and kinda linger there.

Jesus solitude translated into ministry. Not the other way around as i have thought in the past. Jesus ministry did not cause Him to need solitude, to rest, to recover. Jesus solitude translated into ministry. God gave to Him what He knew would flow through him.

Charles Swindol says that, “insecure people need to stay busy, they need constant attention. Unless there is change they will forever be shallow, undeveloped people in positions of leadership, Put in charge but utterly ill-equipped to lead.” As i look around and listen to… well let’s leave it there, i am convinced that many people are insecure and it shows. i do not want to be one of those insecure people.

i must do today what others won’t, so that i can do tomorrow what others can’t!!

That’s what Job did, and that’s why he could speak the following words, “But He knows the way that I take [He has concern for it, appreciates, and pays attention to it]. When He has tried me, I shall come forth as refined gold [pure and luminous]. My foot has held fast to His steps; His ways have I kept and not turned aside. I have not gone back from the commandment of His lips; I have esteemed and treasured the words of His mouth more than my necessary food. But He is unchangeable, and who can turn Him? And what He wants to do, that He does. For He performs [that which He has] planned for me, and of many such matters He is mindful. Job 23:10-12

Initially it could sound like Job was full of himself or at least full of pride. Job was not insecure nor full of Himself or pride or anything else other than relationship with the Father! Out of a revelation of relationship of the Father’s love comes a correct response. He did what others wouldn’t do so that when tomorrow came he was able to do what others couldn’t. In the end Job speaks with such confidence of this one thing, “For He performs [that which He has] planned for me, and of many such matters He is mindful.”

  1. oceansforpuddles says:

    Not to cause controversy but I feel like the saying should be, ‘ God gives what CAN flow through you,’ not necessarily what WILL. There are many examples in scripture of people doing what God told them not to or not doing what they should’ve. Even when he made a new covenant with Israel after he brought them out of Egypt he said he has set before us life and death and told us to choose life…but as we see later not all chose life & curses rather than blessings flowed through them to the generations after them.

  2. me and I Am says:

    i am not ignoring your comment just reflecting, meditating further. i am not applying it to this broad and general idea. For right now i’ll just say that it is for specific not generalities like a job, where i live, etc..But i’ll get back to this at some point or it will make Good Monday conversation.

  3. nice site says:

    heya I’m Sarah I’m such a air head but I still particularly admired your blog

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