Self Doubt

Posted: October 8, 2012 in "While The Cats Away"

Self doubt is something I believe we all deal with at one point or another.  We ask ourselves did I miss what I was suppose to be doing?  of we tell ourself I am not skilled enough to do that,  I am not educated enough, I already have enough on my plate, I have a family, it’s too dangerous, I’m too old to start something new, I’m to young and won’t be taken seriously, this will tip the scales of balance in my life.  Does any of this sound familiar?

In the ministry of Hiding Place Ministry we have seen God use everyday people for task that seem unbelievable!  There is a man who ran a prayer room and is now in China ministering and teaching English to the Chinese, he also has a group of over 100 people he has taught to go back to their own country (Philipino’s) to go reach their own community.  Another man who was a church goer and acquired (it was given to him, no one wanted to buy it) a piece of land only to find that the land was considered to be Holy Ground by his indian tribe.  He built a log cabin and opened a prayer room.  A man who followed God and was dedicated to him and became a county Chaplin for the fire department and also started “Men on Fire” ministry.  God has opened the doors always at the right time.  It is amazing when you have seen all the doors that God has opened up for individuals, just ordinary people.  That is who God uses a lot of the time is just ordinary people not the big evangelist or well know individuals.  People like you and me.

When David was a shepherd watching the sheep for his father I am sure he never dreamed he would one day become king.  Imagine your there watching the sheep then shortly thereafter you go to war with your older brothers your only a teenager but you know GOD is with you; you step out to kill the  Giant like you have killed wild animals preying on your flock.  Others laugh at you because you are so small but you know that GOD is with you.  Imagine their doubt that David could even wound this giant.  But, what happened David took those stones from the brook and placed them in his sling shot and not only wounded the giant but slain him.  WHO WOULD HAVE GUESSED!!  David didn’t second guess God because he trusted God and knew his God was with him.

Our self doubt needs to be released to God in knowing that he has a plan for prosperity a plan not to harm you and lots of hope.  God uses everyday individuals willing to trust Him.  So, put your self-doubt in His hands and see where he takes you.  He has a journey for each of us if we only give of ourselves and trust God, he will take care of the rest. Don’t second guess yourself or you may just miss the greatest ride ever!

Be Blessed!
Kathy Thorn

 “It is God who works in you to will and to act in order to  fulfill his good purpose” (Philippians 2:13)

  1. Tina Yeager says:

    What an encouraging post! Thanks for sharing, Kathy!

  2. apeterson says:

    We could read this blog every month because we doubt ourselves enough that we should remind ourselves often the principles you shared. Blessings, thanks for reminding us!!!

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