Parents Beware

Posted: October 16, 2012 in 1 Up and 1 Down

The last thing I was expecting was to be doing another blog. It is a huge honor to be asked to do one, but it is a whole other thing when I have to ask to do another one. I felt strongly that I needed to post my learnings from yesterdays post. As you all know, yesterday was my son, Ethan’s post. He wrote it, its in his words, his capitalization and it is his thoughts. This being said, here I am thinking I have taught Ethan fundamental right from wrong. The truth about good vs. evil. What sin is, or isn’t.

I am like 50% of you. I hae been divorced. Unfortunately, Ethan is caught in the middle of this and although I would do it all over the same way, I can NOT tell you that every other Christmas morning, when my son is not with me to celebrate the birth of Jesus, open gifts, and have dinner I am not a hurting mother.

So, Vegas. Ethan has been to Vegas. Ethan’s experience with Vegas was with his biological father, his new wife and her two kids. That is all I know about the trip. At the time he returned he seemed to enjoy it.

I, also just returned from an annual  trip to Vegas that Greg and I do in October. I can see why Vegas was on his mind for this reason. Ethan is an only child in our home and does not like to share me for much.

Ethan’s view on Vegas is one of sin and filth. Mine is of a special, relaxing time with my husband.

Here in lies the thought for me asking to do this blog. Have I ever really gone through a list of what is/what isn’t sin with Ethan. There is a fine line. Just like I can not expect Ethan’s school teachers to teach him everything and I must get involved, I can not expect Ethan’s Sunday school teachers to teach everything. I must get involved.

Trust me when I say that yesterday’s blog will be a topic of conversation in my home. I will make sure that my son knows that #1 There is SIN everywhere, Seattle too, IF you want to find it , you will. #2 I am here to teach/help him….that goes for anything and everything, school and biblical.

If you ask your children “What is sinful?” what would they reply? Would they be right, or would you learn something too?


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