Posted: October 17, 2012 in "While The Cats Away"

Waves hysterically throw themselves into destruction…

This is not my normal thing but i heard the above statement and it has been flowing through my mind for a couple weeks. So i decided to post today about those thoughts and how i want to apply them to my life and relationship with my Father. So it may sound like this as i make it my own. Ed, like a wave hysterically throws himself into God! This means that i become nothing as if i destroy myself to become what God intended.


i ride the waves of life. Some high, some fierce, some seemingly with no end. But i will not be torn apart by them. i can ride the waves of life.

Strong currents will try to pull me down, circumstances, challenges, hurts, situations filled with pain. But i trust in my refuge. i can ride the waves of life.

My refuge will keep me safe and my head above the deep waters.  i can ride the waves of life.

My refuge is heaven-sent so that i can hold on to the waves. My refuge is nothing new.  I’ve had it all along but i do not always see it. i must rememebr that it is there before i can use its strength. This refuge, is nothing new, it’s the strength of the inner me placed there from the heavens.

So i ride the waves of life. The water splashes my face, like candy covered in chocolate.  I can enjoy the strength of the wave if hold on to the strength of my refuge.  I can ride the waves of life


The following was written by Shira Trick

She felt the waves roll through her As they poured into the shore Their elegance and beauty Soared across her core Deep inside her mind and heart Were solemnly at war But this time she was determined Not to fear them as before

Standing up, she took a step To face her fear and pain As she walked in, the waves were harsh No chance to breathe, no tread to gain No matter how she struggled forward She always fought in vain For when the waves came strong and cruel They took back what she obtained

Just as she was giving up When she’d lost all will to try A hand was stretched out to her Someone had heard her cry He held her firmly in his grip And with Him by her side No matter how they growled and roared The waves flowed simply by


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