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Posted: November 28, 2012 in Counting Down The Days Until...
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Until… 2012 ends and 2013 begins. Unlike past years i would be very excited to have just made it through another year, and almost dreadfully anticipating yet another year. Not this time! i am sharing my personal journal of “Counting Down The Days Until… which is based on the book “The Dream Giver.

In the parable, Ordinary awoke by a stream and heard an invitation from the Dream Giver to come to His Sanctuary. So Ordinary followed the stream into a forest. In a clearing filled with light, he found a pool of still waters and sensed there the Dream Giver’s presence. When you enter Sanctuary, the first call you hear will invite you to leave behind the dirt and hurt of the WasteLand. “Come to the water.” (Wilkinson, Bruce; Heather Kopp (2009-01-21). The Dream Giver: Following Your God-Given Destiny (Kindle Locations 1349-1352). Random House, Inc.. Kindle Edition.)

Voluntarily resting is not an easy task for me although it has become easier in the past few years. For most of my life i was a freight train, now i’m more like the little engine that could. i still can, but it’s measured more in inches than miles. But it’s okay, because i am learning to enjoy the actual journey, the sights along the way, the people who i meet versus just hurry up and get there. i’d love to take a train trip across the country instead of flying.

“When Ordinary emerged from the pool, the last traces of the WasteLand had been washed away.” It has taken time to wash the WasteLand from my life, things like giving a sarcastic answer when someone hits a sore spot. Then there’s not saying what i’m thinking but saying it kinda hidden within what i’m supposedly not saying. Also there are the body expressions that add or take away from words so that someone would be able to tell what i’m really saying when i’m again supposedly not saying it.

Slowing down can seem like such a waste, but i know that i know it is anything but. There was a temptation to bypass Sanctuary altogether so that i can get on with my journey. There have been times when i have fought my way through WasteLand and became so comfortable with fighting i figured forget Sanctuary bring on the giants. Why not, it’s just one more fight, right? Wrong!

i relate this time to my trips to St Maarten where i do nothing other than sit in one corner of the pool which has one palm tree that provides just the right amount of shade and i sit there quietly reading or listening to worship and just wait. For how long? No predetermined time frame, i sit until. Waiting for what, i do not know, but i have always come back from St Maarten rested, refreshed, and restored. i can’t be there everyday of my life so i need those places and times while i am in everyday life mode.

i have made the journey to the pool many times, washing myself in the healing waters and coming out cleansed from a wasteland experience. But… there is more to the journey, which until this season of my life i have not actually been willing to accept the invitation. It’s been a pattern of wasteland, go to the water, then back to the journey and facing the giants. Obviously it’s not been very successful most of the time. i often feel like i could have done more but for whatever reason, while i achieve some limited level of success, i never experience the fullness of it.

In closing, “The king said unto the man of God, Come home with me, and refresh thyself, and i will give thee a reward.” 1 Kings 13:7

  1. ldipascal says:

    Slowing down…it’s what I long for on most days, but when the opportunity presents itself, I struggle with actually doing it. I fidget. I wrestle. I become anxious. All, because I truly haven’t learned the art of slowing down and yes, I do think it’s an art of sorts. LEah

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