Counting Down The Days Until… 24

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i am not intending this to be a marriage counseling session nor even advice on marriage. It is a part of explaining what the Dream Giver is asking of me. This was written years ago even though i fall short many times it impacts my life to this day.

The Gift – by Ed Beatty

Twas a Sunday afternoon, in late summers Light; I saw the Gift standing there, wrapped beautifully in white.

With heart a pounding, knees so weak, and tear drops in my eyes; I could scarcely believe so rare a Gift, could in reality be mine.

It was like no other gift I ever, had received; for it glowed even through its pure, white wrap with love aimed just for me.

I reached out with a trembling hand, to take the Gift so fair: and as I did, I heard a voice say, “It’s yours for you to care.”

With so much excitement I accepted it, the Gift I long had sought; and took it home into my life, this prize which I had caught.

I looked at it, and handled it, and used it at my leisure; and for a while this Gift of mine, brought to me so much pleasure.

I took it with me where’er I went, and showed it to all my friends; I was so proud of this, my Gift, my joy it would not end.

The days, the weeks, the months, the years, all passed so hurriedly; ere long my Gift which I had won, soon lost its novelty.

I stared at it with bewildered eyes, as it lay calm in its place; I could not believe the sight I saw – I hoped ‘twas not the case.

But surely as I inspected the Gift, the one which once I prided; I noticed it was not the same – it’s changed I boldly chided.

“It’s not as bright as when brand New, its love grows cold and dim; it bears some marks I did not see, it’s imperfect – not a gem.”

The more I looked, the more l saw, the more I could not stand; I was displeased with this Gift, to me “twas as worthless as the sand.”

So, I left it home as I went out, in search of something better; to fill the space disappointment brought – it bound me as a fetter.

I saw my friends, and others too, with many gifts and presents; and there, at first it seemed, at least, their lives were joyous… pleasant.

So, I tried their way and to my surprise, it did not fill my need; in fact the very opposite, my life was worse indeed.

Bewildered, befuddled, all sad and alone, I wondered what could I do; when I heard a small voice calling my Name saying – “This is my message to You.

The Gift which I gave you, more precious than gold, is yours for the keeping to have and to hold.

“I did not give it for you to treat thus… to leave it alone and turn it away with disgust.”

“The reason it glows not is your fault – not its; for it needs your attention, your love and your kiss.”

“It’s marks you think imperfect were not there at the start, but came from the handling and neglect on your part.”

“And like anything of value, you can gain in this life; the Gift which I gave you grows more priceless through strife.”

“And time, only time, can determine the value, of my Gift too precious which I freely gave you.”

“But ‘though you rejected and paid it No mind; your Gift still awaits you, come home while there’s time.”

So , hurriedly I ran as tears stained my face, into the house and came to the place; where the Gift I had left, stood patiently by, expecting my return, not asking me why.

It embraced me, and held me, kissed away all my grief; and then with a voice that brought sweet relief – Said, “I forgive you… welcome back home.”

I felt so ashamed of the wrong I had done.

Then with eyes opened wide, as wide as could be, for the first time I saw her, This Gift that was she.

My love abounding, my heart longing so; to hold and caress her, the Gift i now know.

She was given a helpmate, to love as myself; to work alongside me, not to leave on a shelf.

I’m to love her, to care for her, all my days, all my life; for this Gift which God gave Me, is my friend and my wife.

  1. Eve Emond says:

    Ed, thank you for sharing something so personal!

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