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Posted: January 7, 2013 in Wandering Thoughts
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“No man or woman amounts to anything in the kingdom, no soul ever touches even the edge of the zone of power, until this lesson is learned…that Christ’s business is the supreme concern of life and that all personal considerations, however dear or important, are tributary thereto.” Dr Francis from Streams in the Desert

Well it’s 7 days after… 7 days since the new year began and 24 days since my last post. i shared how i was ending 2012 better than any other year i could remember and that my anticipation for 2013 was greater than any year i have experienced. How is that working for me? Not as expected. i have had a difficult time getting started. Traveling, scheduling, technology, finances, and motivation have all contributed to my lack of getting started. When i decided to not post for a short period of time i got off track. Posting daily is difficult enough and posting daily about my personal life adds an additional level of difficulty.

i would like to post about a steady degree of progress i am making regardless of how fast or slow it comes, without placing a degree or level of success to it. In otherwards remove the result factor and let it be what it is. The funny thing is that there is not a single person with expectations on me. No one has questioned my results or progress. It’s a me thing. But, this moment is just that, a moment and i am hoping that this post today is my new starting point and that i can get back on track with my 12 Steps, my journey with the Dream Giver and the Gatherings Onething Life is about to begin.

As i said, i had purposed to not post for what was to be a few days, but 24 days goes beyond that projection. i don’t know what i have been thinking because i have learned this lesson before, or so i would have though. i have been posting and sharing my life for so long that it has become a part of my life and to remove it for 24 days… well it just leaves an emptiness. my posting is where i get no less than 50% of my relationship with the Father. The other 50% is where i get my relationship with myself and others. Without that time and these posts there is no relationship happening. Oh i see people but a simple hello and good-bye are not relationship. 2013 is already completely different than 2012. People moving on and new ones joining. Realizing that we have just 2 more years on our lease for Onething Campus. Turning 62 this year… what does the Dream Giver have for me? my increasing desire to just run away with Ann Marie and live out our remaining years with just the two of us. The announcement from our daughter that now she must deal with MS as well as her ongoing failing pancreas issues. That’s just to mention a few. All personal considerations, dear and important.

Not to long ago i was sent the opening quote by Dr Francis from someoneand i decided to let these words capture my thoughts for today. my getting started point! “Christ’s business is the supreme concern of life and all personal considerations, however dear or important, are tributary thereto.”

24 days ago i shared that i was sitting outside Wasteland. To my right is Sanctuary, to my left, the land of the Giants. While i still have not seen any giants, i sense that they are there and i don’t mean over there, but right here, right next to me, as in my face. i know that i have what i need to defeat a giant or two but there is a fear that there are many more and so why start a fight that i’m not sure i can sustain? For years i have shared “my outer collapse takes place because my inner experience can not sustain it.” This is why i know that i must go back to Sanctuary. i must go beyond the cleansing and healing water. i must go deeper into the restoration Light. i am being invited to experience the fullness of being in His presence which is all about my inner experience, being able to sustain me while facing whatever giants may or may not be waiting. There is a saying “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” i have relied on the cure, but 2013 prevention is the path of choice, so perhaps sitting during this time has been more beneficial than i first thought.

  1. oceansforpuddles says:

    Sounds like we will never be able to move from, ‘Be still and know.’ 🙂 I am reminded by your post that no one who waits upon the Lord will be put to shame or disappointed but will be renewed with strength for the moment & what lies ahead (giants perhaps?).

    Good to have you back 🙂

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