Sometimes i put my life in the very same boxes i place my jewels and mementos of trips to Saint Maarten.

It just makes sense. Of all my precious things, life is what i treasure most. i want to protect myself from all harm, to save myself from hurt or discomfort or even my own bad decisions. i am to love life passionately, even painfully. i want God’s fullness to fill my life.

“It’s not that we wanted him to be perfect,” Cindy says of Timothy. We wanted it to be perfect. His childhood.” And what parent can’t relate to that?

But life isn’t perfect, however much i wish it could be. Nor is it permanent. i can’t keep my kids forever—lock them away as eternal 10-year-olds. The pictures i keep in my computer is the most that i have. The memories i lock away in my mind. But my children themselves, like my life… moves on.

“It’s how it’s supposed to be,” Timothy says. “There’s only so much time.” How true that is and it becomes increasingly relevant as i grow older. My physical body reminds me daily that it is unable to do what my mind still wishes and thinks it can.

The Odd Life of Timothy Green is an odd but wonderful idea on what it means to be a parent and for me as how life is lived. As a constructed story, it has its shortcomings. As a hazy, rosy reflection of parenthood, and my life, it’s often quite emotional and encouraging. i tell people it’s OK to make mistakes: It’s how we learn, i say. But often, i don’t give myself the same license. Truth is, i am just as imperfect as kids, and as much as i try to teach my children the paths to walk and the pits to avoid, i’m not just teaching them. i am learning too—sometimes with them, sometimes from them.

In all of that the movie doesn’t undermine Godly authority. It merely acknowledges that being a mom or a dad, a man or a woman is still more art than science, something i get better at as i go.

It’s a double bonus that a film so much about family and life makes it easy for the whole family to watch together. Timothy Green is almost completely devoid of problematic content, and it’s a rare circumstance for a wide-release, live-action film to be this clean, this instructive and this enjoyable.

i am well aware that by the time my grandchildren are able to read these posts this movie will be long gone from the minds of most. Not me, not your papa! i have purchased this movie and plan on placing it in a vault, some safe and secure place (ironic right?) where one day it will be found and enjoyed along with other things that i think are valuable.

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