Moving On… Unexpected

Posted: January 28, 2013 in Moving On...!
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i shared early on in this series of posts the following thoughts. Timothy says, Please don’t ask me about my leaves.” “But you can look at them, if you want.” And then, as the adults slowly digest this strange, strange night, Timothy calls Cindy “Mom.” He calls Jim “Dad.”

It’s was and still is as though God is saying to me “Please don’t ask me about my plans,” You can look at them, if you want.” Then just as I am digesting these words, He shares something that is as enduring as Cindy being called Mom and Jim being called Dad.”

That enduring idea happened to me starting last Monday. i awoke and opened my emails only to find over two hundred comments on these blogs. Actually not these, but ones that i have posted in months and years gone by. It took my breath away in the same way that being called mom and dad for the first time does for a parent. That wasn’t the end. Since last Monday there have been over one thousand comments and i have no clue as to why or how.

Trust me this is not going to my head. When my children first called me dad it was wonderful and a moment to remember but it in no way enabled me to think that i had arrived or that i was something grand. By the same token these comments do not make me feel like a writer or that i have achieved some great status in the writing world. Don’t get me wrong the comments whether one or a hundred are received with gladness and humility. Most have not read the post about why i do this every day. This started out to be my accountability to have daily time with God. It is all to easy to lose track of time and have the day go by without having me and I Am time. So they are very personal and not necessarily written for teaching others.

Then i decided that i wanted my children and grand children to know who i am and why i lived and believed the way i do. Again these are very personal and again not done with the idea of teaching anyone or even them but to simply share my relationship with God, myself and with others. Often times exposing my faults, repeated faults and yes some successes. Example being when i announced that i was an addict. That i was and still am addicted to sin. But then i share about what that looks like and what it takes to be able to say, “Hi i’m ed and i am addicted to sin, BUT i am constantly renewed in the spirit of my mind [having a fresh mental and spiritual attitude], And i put on the new nature (the regenerate self) created in God’s image, [Godlike] in true righteousness and holiness. Ephesians 4:23,24

All that being said, it’s just like in the movie and it seems like God stepped in after telling me “Please don’t ask Me about My plans, but then, opens up a flood gate where He says, hello son, and sends hundreds of comments about my personal journey.

  1. Good Morning Ed:

    You are a writer for GOD and I am glad to get a chance to read your writing. Love you and Miss you. However; the next time I see you I am planning on slapping you in the back of the head like old times.

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