My ouch yesterday was two fold. First and most painful was no is the sunburn, secondly the lesson of not asking what the future holds as just last week or so God said, “Please do not ask about my plans.” “You can look if you like.” That came from The Odd Life of Timothy Green. A week later, on vacation, supposedly relaxing and i’m asking about the plans. Ugh!

Same trip to the pool and there was nowhere to sit but in the sun. I slipped off my Croc’s again, sat in my chair and covered myself from neck to toe in towels. Imagine that for a moment and get a good laugh. Here i am covered from neck to toe and everyone else there is wearing as little as possible. Oh well!

First time i took off my Croc’s and sat down, after slipping them under my chair so as to keep them out of the sun, even though there was no sun at the time. History was serving me. This time for whatever reason i did not slip them under the chair and left them exposed to the very hot sun. i went to put them on and well… everyone has experienced the result of such a foolish mistake.

But here is what came to me regarding this. i often leave my life exposed to whatever is going on. Regardless of what it is. Exposing my life to the “SON” has an effect as well. It can get very hot when i am being looked at by my Father. The nice thing is that gentle breeze, the Holy Spirit, makes the heat bearable.

Last month i studied the story of Pinocchio and one of the three lessons for me was that “Life does have strings.” Or i should say life has a cause and an effect. The cause for me was allowing myself to fall asleep in the sun. i live in florida, have been coming here for 12 years and should know better. The effect is that i have a very painful sunburn, which by the way i hate and have spent hours not getting one in the past. Ann Marie is saying that if my foot turns any bluer i need to see a doctor. Sure… like that’s going to happen! Although walking around with no shoes is somewhat painful as my foot is so swollen that even my sandals won’t fit.

i am tempted, but not surrendering to blaming it on someone else. i can’t go any further than that or i would be engaging in what i am not doing. It is my own fault for not being… whatever.

i realized today that the words about quietness are very appropriate for this time of my life. Example, recently i have been obsessed with telling people that i will not sign another lease for Onething Campus. Somehow i work it in to every conversation. Because i say that i open the door for everyone to ask, “What are you going to do?” i need an answer don’t i? So i start asking God “What are your plans for me?” God simply replies, “We have had this discussion and i asked you PLEASE!” “Don’t ask me about my plans.”

Ecclesiastes 5:2 says the same thing today that it said yesterday, “Be not rash with your mouth, and let not your heart be hasty to utter a word before God. For God is in heaven, and you ed are on earth; therefore ed let your words, be few!

Okay so lesson one from Saint Maarten is, Cause and Effect, cause and effect, cause and effect, i must get that into every thought.

Lesson number two, let my words be few, which will assist in the cause and effect effort.

Lesson number three, exposing my life to anything… has a cause and effect.

All three work together and have a certain degree of difficulty in accomplishing any one of them let alone all three as is clearly seen by these posts.


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