Occupational Hazard 2!

Posted: February 13, 2013 in Wandering Thoughts
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While driving home yesterday my thoughts kept returning to this idea of disappointments being occupational hazards. i am not sure it is possible to live without disappointments? Reminds me of the idea of living without sin. Both carry a high level of diFficulty, at least for me.

The thought that led me to think that ,deals with restaurants. i recently was somewhat arm twisted, to try out what by all practical reasoning, should have been a great “dinning” experience. It was at a well know resort that carries a highly recognized level of respect. First off it was a buffet and for the most part i do not get the value of an “all you can eat” buffet so i tend to not go to them. There was no disappointment there as i could eat as much or as little as i wanted regardless of quality or selection. Keep that in mind as your opinion of my thoughts begins to form.

The buffet was for breakfast, which is fine but then, i am expecting there to be bunches of options. Golden Coral is a great breakfast buffet but this was no “Golden Coral.” My first disappointment was the selection. i could eat all i want of a very limited selection, disappointment.

Service at a restaurant is always an opportunity for disappointment. This was such an opportunity on several counts. First off the bill will include an 18% gratuity. No there was not a large group, only four of us, but that’s the way it’s done at this location. i just love being charged for service at a “buffet” where for the most part i will serve myself, and that i have not received such service yet and quite honestly, am doubtful that i will get. Anyway i had to clear my own plates between visits to the food tables, disappointment. As for keeping my water-glass full, well i never got my water, disappointment. To be fair when i asked for Orange juice i did get a glass, which i had to ask for refills, disappointment.

i don’t want to beat a dead horse but as i recalled this experience it occurred to me that any visit to a restaurant automatically comes with the potential of disappointment. Even my favorite restaurants on their best day could be a disappointment and not necessarily because of what they do or do not do. i could be having an off day and the waitresses perfume could be a disappointment. Waiting for a seat is usually a disappointment for me. If i know, that where i want to go has a line, i will schedule my arrival to avoid that line. “Avoid disappointment at all cost” could be my motto and don’t ask how it works for me.”

So by now you’ve concluded that i’m just hard to please, my expectations are to high, i’m wound to tight or i’m just a complainer. All are possible and i’d be disappointed if that’s what you really think, but then so be it. All i’m saying is that in life there will be hundreds of possibilities for me to be disappointed so i better work on my suggestions from yesterday or my disappointments will become the life of a grumpy old man, whom nobody wants to be around because they do not want to be disappointed by being near me. Get it?

Just remember that what happens, the events and circumstances, have already happened and can’t be changed. What i can do though is to choose how i’m going to react to what happened. i try to use disappointments as fuel to make a change in my life while others use it as an excuse to stop trying.

Oh, i almost forgot, the final disappointment from this visit to the restaurant was paying the bill of $40.00 per person not including the 18% gratuity. Why did i go there in the first place? It was recommended by some friends we were staying with and i did not want to disappoint them. Go figure!

  1. oceansforpuddles says:

    Oh Ed, feels like I’m sitting down with you on Mondays having this chat! Couldn’t help but chuckle while reading this thinking, ‘I SO get where you’re at…cuz I’m there too!’ 🙂

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