Issachar… Possibly – Absolutely!

Posted: March 7, 2013 in Issachar
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On Monday as i was waiting and considering what to post, i was led to Issachar. The only reference i had to that name was, i thought it was one of the 12 tribes of Jacob but honestly not positive. i thought it was strange but i have learned to go with the leading. i had spent about 2 hours looking at Issachar, when one of our tenants came in to pay rent and as she sat down her cell rang. She answered, “Issachar, i am in a meeting.” What are the odds? Thus Issachar!

i grew up in a different time and age (NO REGRETS), where the ground rules were not what they are today. i am being asked by circumstances, situations and people to play by these new ground rules and i don’t care for them. i don’t want to play and it’s not because i don’t know how to have fun, but because this is serious. Whether time is short because the end of time is coming or by virtue of my age.

i think i have known for some time that the ground rules had changed, but i never thought that it had anything to do with me. Ignorance! These posts have helped me see that i have been trying to put a square peg (me) in a round hole (world). i have beat myself with a hammer and i just don’t fit. That is, unless i remove some of the square, a little from my values, t slice from my beliefs, a chunk from my relationship with God and eventually i will fit. i will become a more well rounded person. i don’t want to become a well rounded peg.

These new ground rules say, God probably does exist instead of God exists, the universe is a product of chance, instead of the universe is created, there is no plan (all is chaos), instead of God has a plan for me and He is working ALL things together for my good, man is not significant, instead of i am significant because i was made in His image and likeness, there is no absolute truth, instead of God is absolute truth, there is no way of escape, instead of God is the way of my escape.

Truth Vs Lie – Truth and Lie agree to fight to the death. Truth comes to the fight in full armor with sword drawn. Lie comes to the fight with just s sword in hand as protection. Lie asks Truth to lay down his armor for a fair fight. Truth agrees and takes off his sword and armor. Lie then steals Truth’s armor and dresses himself in the armor and steals his sword and races off. Truth races off after Lie to do battle with just his mere hands. And that’s how you have the Truth chasing a well dressed Lie.

It’s time for me to “understand the times of today and to be constantly aware of what is going on so that i can use the events of today to my advantage to grow in relationship with Him. It sounds like Issachar had the right idea, i must do today what others will not (understand the times) so that tomorrow i can do what others can not (use the events of the day for my advantage). Now where have i heard that before?


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