Doing Nothing Means Failure!

Posted: March 11, 2013 in Colossians 3
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Today i begin the journey of “understanding the times” in more depth. i am already more aware that the ground rules have changed and that it does have an effect on my life. i can not just observe, i must participate, i can not compromise, but must become more passionate, No more que sara sara, but my life built on the plan from the word. This is also helping me to live out my twelve step program for getting healed and set free from my addiction to sin.

The only way for me to fail is to do nothing. There is a saying that says, “Good men only fail when they do nothing. i know that in general i am a good man but i am also aware that i could be a better man and so if i do nothing i will fail. If i do nothing regarding my addiction to sin i will fail. I Am is not a failure and neither am i. i will do today what others will not so that tomorrow i can do what others can not.

Let me make something very clear in all this. God is a person not a process… BUT… there is power in the process to the promise. i am in this to learn about relationship. Personal, intimate, eternal relationship with the Father, personal, intimate, eternal relationship with myself, and personal, intimate, eternal relationship with others and while my twelve step process deals with those issues they originate from the Word through the Father.

Surprise, surprise! i have been led to the place where my plan is to originate from. In fact i don’t have to write anything new it’s all there for this season of my life. The plan can be found in Colossians chapter three. It’s today where i’m not sure what to do? Do i post the entire chapter for reading and if so what translation? Or… do i take it word by word and use a couple of translations and then at the end post it as a whole?

There is a 5 minute pause here that can’t be read. The latter seems to make more sense. In case someone is wondering how i was led to this, it’s simple. i am waiting on my Experiencing God book to arrive to once again do a study with some others. While waiting i randomly said, “until the books arrive let’s every day read Colossians three and then each of us discuss a nugget of truth and application we get from it. The very first day i realized that it fit very well with Issachar, understanding the times, using the events to my advantage and my twelve step process. Knowing that my hope is for my children and my grandchildren to someday read this, i’m going to keep today short and ask that Jeremy and Melissa, Brooke and Greg, Ethan, Elijah, and Zeke, when the time is appropriate to read Colossians 3. i have an app on my phone called Bible Is and it actually reads it to me. On the way to work Ann Marie and i listened to it over and over for 30 minutes. It helps me to get it into my spirit. It is truth!

  1. ldipascal says:

    Hi Ed, I’m not sure if you received my text this weekend but I’d like to get a copy of my message from the shoes wisely conference. How can I get a copy from your tech guy?

    Thanks, Leah

  2. meandiam says:

    THE WORD is always best listened to and memorized! Stick with it. Our times are MARVELOUS if I see them in the context of Christ’s master plan. He is returning for His saints. He is coming to judge the world. We stay busy until then telling everyone about Jesus and His love! We DO understand! Love ya all, Michael

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