The Shirt Off my Back?

Posted: April 17, 2013 in Colossians 3
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As i hit the post button yesterday there was a phrase or saying that came to mind in the form of a question. Have you ever know someone who would give the shirt off their back? As i thought on that my mind went to, that’s what Paul is saying about those who are raised up with Christ. ed i want you to give others the shirt off your back but…… make sure of what you’re wearing.

Make sure the shirt you’re wearing is not one of anger, frustration, insistence upon your own way,  but of gentle ways, patience. Make sure the shirt you’re wearing has the power to endure whatever comes with good temper.

i used to collect ties and had many unique ones. One in particular was given to me by a friend while we were on a trip. It cost $600.00… yes ridiculous. None the less i had it until one day another friend expressed his love of the tie. my mind went immediately to give it to him. So being one of those people who is willing to give the shirt off my back, i gave it to him. Now if i could give as freely and as quickly all of Paul’s urgings.

Paul is saying that i am to clothe myself with things that have more value than a $600 tie and i being raised up in Christ am to be ready to give them away. i have experienced both sides of this many times in my life. One of my favorite verses is 2 Corinthians 8:13, 14 For it is not [intended] that other people be eased and relieved [of their responsibility] and you be burdened and suffer [unfairly], But to have equality [share and share alike], your surplus over necessity at the present time going to meet their want and to equalize the difference created by it, so that [at some other time] their surplus in turn may be given to supply your want. Thus there may be equality.

my surplus over necessity at the present time. Going to meet their want at the present time. To equalize the difference at the present time.

Their surplus at some other time. Given to supply my want at some other time. Thus there may be equality at the present time.

Apply this to Colossians 3 and make it about behaviors and it works the same way. Example, my surplus of good temper over necessity at the present time going to meet their want or lack of good temper at the present time equalizes the difference at the present time. Then their surplus of good temper at some other time going to meet my want or lack of good temper at some other time and thus there may be equality at some other time.

How do i give away love if i am not clothed in a surplus of it? How do i give away the power to endure if am not clothed in a surplus of it? How am i going to give away quiet gentleness if i am not wearing a surplus of it?

Luke 6:38 Give, and [gifts] will be given to you; good measure, pressed down, shaken together, and running over, will they pour into [the pouch formed by] the bosom [of your robe and used as a bag]. For with the measure you deal out [with the measure you use when you confer benefits on others], it will be measured back to you.

  1. Carolyn Espinoza says:

    The smile of a Vietnamese can be very confusing in Vietnam to an outsider and cause misunderstandings. In some Oriental countries, a smile can mean sorrow, worry, or embarrassment. In Vietnam, it may indicate a polite, but perhaps skeptical reaction to something, compliance or toleration of a blunder or misunderstanding, or on occasion represents submission to judgment that may be wrong or unfair. This is particularly true if the one making the judgment is at a superior level and perhaps has lost his temper. For instance, a laundress may ruin a favorite shirt and is called in by her employer to be asked about it. She may smile. This does not mean that she thinks it is funny that she burned the shirt, but instead is submission to the fact. If the owner of the shirt loses his temper, she may keep smiling indicating politeness or patience with superiors.

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