In Dependence…

Posted: May 3, 2013 in Colossians 3
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After i posted yesterday i gave the “No Matter” in words or actions topic more thought. i realized that there are options to the results based on my level of participation.

Let’s just say that i would just speak less and do less. Thus cutting down my risk. Not necessarily bad at first glance but upon closer observance the reason may be based on not wanting to be embarrassed. By precluding everything, no matter what it is, with “in the name of the Lord Jesus” there are several ways that embarrassment could come.  Another possibility is that it could create some very awkward situations. I can imagine the looks on some people’s face, the rolling of their eyes, etc.. A huge reason could be fear. Fear that i could fall short by speaking or doing something that does not live up to the expectations set by others as to what “in the name of the Lord Jesus” sounds or looks like. i could be criticized, ridiculed, judged or chastised and who wants that? There is already plenty of judgment to go around. There could also be the fact that i am lazy? i hope this is not the case but you know me i must consider everything.

There is more to this verse. “ed, whatever you do [no matter what it is] in word or deed, do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus and in [dependence upon] His Person,

i don’t always like ands. And – along or together with, as well as, in addition to. Yep that’s exactly why, AND means in addition to what i just heard or read or did. More effort, more truth, more change in me is required! “And in dependence upon His person.”  Not just in the name of the Lord Jesus but, also in dependence upon His person. I am to remember the price the Lord Jesus paid for me.  To me that means don’t fake it till i make it. Don’t just speak idle words, Don’t say it without true humility. Because the price my Lord Jesus paid was not an imitation, cheap, easy or done out of pride.

Gill’s Commentary covers this verse this way, “both in the strength of Christ, without whom nothing can be well said or done; and according to the mind and will of Christ declared in the Gospel, which is his name; and calling upon his name for assistance in the ministration of his word, administration of his ordinances, and in the performance of every duty, directing all to, and having solely in view his honor and glory.”

“Giving praise to God the father through Him.”


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