Alone… Not Good!

Posted: May 7, 2013 in Colossians 3

Women  who seek to be equal with men lack ambition. – Timothy  Leary

Colossians 3:18 Wives, be subject to your husbands [subordinate and adapt yourselves to them], as is right and fitting and your proper duty in the Lord.

i think i can, I think I can, i think i can finish with the first two words “Wives be,” today. This post may not make complete sense unless you read the other posts regarding this verse.

From the beginning God had a plan for Adam to be complete. In Genesis God says “it is not good for man to be alone and He then creates every wild beast and living creature of the field and every bird of the air and brought them to Adam. Adams response, “thank you but no thank you.” i just made that up but i can hear Adam saying that. Thank God Adam did not find any one of them suitable for himself. Adam needed someone to do life together with, not rule and reign over. The animals or birds would have provided that. God built up Eve to “be” not just for Adam, but as an example, a template for all women that would follow.

Adam required a helper, someone who would be suitable, adaptable and complementary for him. It’s exactly the same for me. Ann Marie was created and given to me, a gift.  She has been and is my helper, suitable, adaptable, and complementary, she completes me. That does not mean that she walks on water, me neither.

This quote from Elizabeth Gilbert at first read is a far cry from what God said about women and men’s relationship. “The cold ugly fact is that marriage does not benefit women as much as it benefits men.” Then the quote goes on to make God’s case for a woman’s role as a helper. “From studies, married men perform dazzlingly better in life, live longer, accumulate more, excel at careers, report to be happier, less likely to die from a violent death, suffer less from alcoholism, drug abuse, and depression than single man…” Out of courtesy I will finish the quote. “The reverse is not true. In fact, every fact is reverse,  single women fare much better than married women. On average, married women take a 7% pay cut. All of this adds up to what Sociologists called the “Marriage Benefit Imbalance”… It is important to pause here and inspect why so many women long for it (marriage) so deeply.

This doesn’t take a lot of inspection from me. Deeply… because women are built, by God. He put it in their DNA. Could it be that it… the longing, is to fulfill what God created them to be… mans completer, his helper, to be suitable, adaptable and complementary. i realize that not all marriages nor women look like that but that does not mean that it’s not what they were created to be. Some might say this is all well and good for you ed but, you don’t know my situation, you don’t know my husband, you don’t know my wife. You’re right but I do know God. i as a husband am not what i was created to be but not because of a manufacturing defect, it’s because of my will, my  choices taking precedence over my creators. As with everything on earth, it comes from God and man corrupts it, to the point that it is in many cases unidentifiable in its current form. That’s where some women and men live today, in an unidentifiable state.

This verse serves as a reminder of things that have been lost with time and the routine of my life. But… there is no doubt in my mind that I do not control my own fate. I have a godly women in my life who does that WITH me. That takes nothing away from God as He put her in my life because it was not good for ed to be alone.

  1. ldipascal says:

    Great post – I enjoyed reading it!


  2. This is the teaching arm of the ministry where the Holy Spirit opens up and deepens the understandings of the woman/wife to her purpose in the life of her husband in order for him to fulfill destiny and for her also to have rest.

  3. Dale Wilder says:

    The two training programs, however, share two different methods. One method — which we shall call the “exercise method” — is the more demanding in time and effort throughout your lifetime but gives you greater flexibility in your footwear and activities. The other method — which we shall call the “lifestyle method” — demands minimal time and effort but imposes real limits in terms of the kinds of shoes you can wear and the activities you can do.

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