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Posted: June 4, 2013 in What's Next...?
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If i want a Godly relationship, i’m going to have to pay the price for it. i must be disciplined, focused & committed to pleasing God.

Don’t think that I have figured out “what’s next” just because i am posting today. Nothing has changed, but that’s exactly why i am posting. i am not one to quit just because i can, because of some self-serving reasoning. Been there and done that! i am reverting to my long-standing guide of “when in doubt say no.” Not as in stop everything and do nothing and say no to everything but as in make “no” changes.

Again Paul invites me to yet another word in 1 Thessalonians 4. Paul feels that a gentle reminder (according to the commentaries) is needed for these people regarding some things they already know, that I already know.

1 Thessalonians 4 1-3 One final word, ed. We ask you—urge is more like it—that you keep on doing what we told you to do to please God, not in a dogged religious plod, but in a living, spirited dance.

Paul is urging me to keep on track, to stay focused with what i learned from Colossians 3. That it was not a destination, but a part of the process.

This weekend i was flipping channels and ended up watching Pastor Andy Stanley teach on Guardrails. Last year i spent much time watching the entire series more than once. It was no coincidence that i was to re watch it now.

Andy Stanley says, “Nobody plans to enter into a violent marriage. Nobody plans to ruin his or her finances. Nobody plans to struggle with an addiction.” Then he asks, “What steps do i take to make sure these things don’t happen?” It’s a great question! And the correct answer is…, set up guardrails. i can tell myself that i’ll “be careful” but that has not worked well for me in the past. Setting up guardrails is better than “being careful.”

Guardrail – a protective railing. System designed to keep vehicles from straying into dangerous or off limit areas. How about a system designed to keep ed from straying into dangerous or off limit areas?

GuardrailTitus 2:7-8 ed, show your own self in all respects to be a pattern and a model of good deeds and works, teaching what is unadulterated, showing gravity [having the strictest regard for truth and purity of motive], with dignity and seriousness. ed, let your instruction be sound and fit and wise and wholesome, vigorous and irrefutable and above censure, so that the opponent may be put to shame, finding nothing discrediting or evil to say about you.

The entire series is available on the web. It’s the word guardrails that caught my attention. As the definition says, guardrails are protective. They keep me from…. Proper guardrails are protective of my relationship with God, my wife, my children, the body of Christ and with my employer. In any one of those relationships i can stray into areas that are dangerous or off limit to me. Life is filled with danger but i can do something about it by being aware of the guardrails that have been set in place by God.

One final word, ed. We ask you—urge is more like it—that you watch for the guardrails we told about, so you would please God,.

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  3. Clair Goodwin says:

    We may be able to recognize the need for guardrails in some relationships and habits, but what about relationships with our friends? It seems a bit odd to think we may need to set up boundaries with our friends. But our friends have the power to influence our decisions, our actions and even the quality of our lives. With that much potential to determine the direction of our lives, putting up a few guardrails when it comes to our friendships may be one of the wisest things we can do.

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