What’s Next… Conclusions!

Posted: June 13, 2013 in What's Next...?
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What’s Next? i am no closer or farther from an answer to that question. John Maxwell says “to make my decisions early and then all i have to do is manage them.” Maybe in my asking “what’s next” i’m looking for things that have already been decided? Decisions, conclusions that i have already made and now… i should be managing them. That being said i am going to review some decisions, some conclusions.

The context of these words resonate within my spirit. They are not a reaction to anything other than the place where my heart was and is today. They are not meant as criticism of church. They are not meant as a platform to speak out against any ministry or individual. These conclusions are solely for the purpose of presenting the battle that i am engaged in.

i have concluded that teaching the Word without demonstrating it is not enough. Good teaching, good doctrine and being a good person is not enough.

i have concluded that good fellowship and being a good member is not enough.

i have concluded that good Bible studies and good small groups is not enough.

i have concluded that just making it to heaven is not my goal, and that knowing about God without truly knowing and experiencing God is meaningless.

i have concluded that change without transformation is intolerable and that staying the same is not an option.

i have concluded that gifting without character is worthless.

i have concluded that singing songs without worshiping is hollow.

i have concluded that having meetings without God showing up is pointless.

i have concluded that having faith without works is not enough and having works without love is not acceptable – that my response or function is out of revelation of the relationship with the Father and then with others.

i have concluded that reading the book of Acts or about the book of Acts without experiencing it is unthinkable.

i have concluded that hearing about the Holy Spirit without experiencing Him is pointless, that believing in His presence without seeing it manifested in signs and wonders is empty.

i have concluded that i must be Holy Spirit filled, Holy Spirit led, and Holy Spirit empowered – anything less is not enough.

i have concluded that i want to be the ones telling the stories of God’s power, not the ones hearing about them.

i have concluded that living saved, but not supernatural is living below my privilege and short of what Christ died for.

i have concluded that i am a battleship, not a cruise ship, an army, not an audience, special forces not a spectator, a missionary not a club member.

i have concluded that i am both a pioneer and settler, not a squatter – a person who takes up space without having fought for it or improving it.

i have concluded that i am to be contagious instead of quarantined.

i have concluded that i am to be a radical lover and an outrageous giver.

i have concluded that I am to be a mission outreach and not a museum.

Because of these decisions or conclusions there are actions that must be applied which i will share tomorrow, Lord willing.

  1. God's Family of 5 says:

    I love….”i have concluded that i want to be the ones telling the stories of God’s power, not the ones hearing about them.”

    That is SO me!

  2. God's Family of 5 says:

    I love it… “i have concluded that i want to be the ones telling the stories of God’s power, not the ones hearing about them.”

    That is SO me!

  3. prayerandducttape says:

    BEAUTIFUL! Ed it’s a MANIFESTO! I love how you write these days. God has surely brought you a l-o-n-g way! If you are able, I could use another gift of love. I dislike asking, but as you said before, “How would [you] know?” Thank you so much for your ministry in my life, and in the lives of so many others. I’m working on a letter to you…thoughts from the inside (my heart and in prison) God is filling ALL with Himself! In Christ,

  4. ner offends this his Benefactor, abusing His gifts; and taking advantage of His goodness becomes more hardened in sin day by day. Again, since He is the Spirit of Truth, whosoever faileth by weakness or ignorance may per- haps have some excuse before Ahnighty God; but he who resists the truth through mahce and turns away from it, sins most grievously against the Holy Ghost. In our days this sin has become so frequent that those dark times seem to have come which were foretold by St. Paul, in which men, blinded by the just judgment of God, should take falsehood for truth, and should believe in “the prince of this world,” who is a liar and the father thereof, as a teacher of truth: God shall send them the operation of error, to helier>e lying} In the last times some sJiall depart from the faith; giving heed to the spirits of error and the doctrines of devils.”^ But since the Holy Ghost, as We have said, dwells in us as in His temple, We must repeat the warning of the Apostle: Grieve not the Holy Spirit of God, whereby you are sealed.^ Nor is it enough to fly from sin; every Christian ought to shine with the splendor of virtue so as to be pleasing to so great and so beneficent a guest: and first of all with chastity and hoU- ness, for chaste and holy things befit the temple. Hence the words of the Apostle: Know you not that you are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you f But if any man violate the temple of God, him shall God destroy. For the temple of God is holy, which you are * — a terrible, indeed, but a just warning.

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