Not Sure i Knew That #4

Posted: July 19, 2013 in Not Sure i Knew That?
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wonder2i have received several comments that i need to add graphics to make this, what they say is an already awesome site even better. No commitment to do this regularly but, once in a while is okay.

i came across some thoughts that are just information thus the title “Not Sure i Knew That.” Let me say that i am not endorsing, accepting or rejecting these, they are just…. huuuuummmmmmmms.

There is only one reference to Lucifer in the scripture (Isaiah 14:12), and it does not refer to Satan or the Devil, but to the king of Babylon, who was Nebuchadnezzar at the time.

It is not true that Samson lost his strength because Delilah cut off his hair. Samson’s hair was never cut off, it was shaved, and it was not even shaved by Delilah, but by another man (Judges 16:19).

The scripture makes no mention of a snake in the Garden of Eden, it was a “serpent” that tempted Eve and convinced her to eat the “fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.” A serpent in antiquity refers to any creeping thing that was especially noxious or venomous.

King Zimri had the shortest reign for a king, seven days (I Kings 16:15)

Jesus friends and family thought Jesus insane and mentally unsound, so they tried to quiet Jesus’ controversial operations with some demands or service (Mark 3:21,31).

Even though Paul wrote most of the books in the New Testament, Luke’s 2 books (Luke and Acts) make up over half of the New Testament writings.

The “swaddling clothes” that Mary put on Jesus when he was a baby (Luke 2:7) were bandage like strips of cloth wrapped around an infant to ensure that the limbs would grow straight. Not to swaddle a child would be a form of abuse (Ezekiel 16:2-4). This wrapping would aid the shepherds in identifying Jesus (Luke 2:12).

It was the practice in Old Testament days for a newly married man to be absolved from military service in Israel for one year so that he could spend time with his new bride (Deuteronomy 24:5). Whether this was to give them time to have children or, as it seems from the text, simply to “enjoy themselves”, is not clear. But perhaps the intent was that a couple could develop a close relationship for a year before having children with its great demands on the marriage relationship.

There were only 15 crimes that had the death penalty imposed upon man: premeditated murder, kidnapping, adultery, homosexuality,  incest, bestiality, persistent disobedience to parents and authority, striking or cursing parents, offering human sacrifices, false prophesy, blasphemy, profaning sabbath, sacrificing to false gods, magic and divination, rape of a betrothed woman.

Here are words and phrases that do not appear in scripture: sermon, original sin, second coming, rapture, trinity, denominations,  Jewish sabbath, Christian sabbath, immortal soul, bible, theocracy, millenium, omniscience, omnipotence, omnipresence, the unpardonable sin, physical resurrection, end of time.

I have enjoyed looking at these things over the past few days but this is the last one for now as it’s time to move on to another topic.

  1. Ben Wallace says:

    While the first quest was dominated by “maximalist” approaches in which most of the gospels accounts were accepted, by the beginning of the 20th century under the influence of Rudolph Bultmann a “minimalist” period began in which beyond his existence, hardly anything about Jesus was accepted as historical.

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