Metamorphosis… Up and Down!

Posted: August 21, 2013 in Metamorphosis, Stumbling...
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Caterpillar 1This after 3 days. They have gone from an eighth of an inch to about one inch.

These guys spend most of their life crawling on — and devouring — their food source. But when it’s time to become an adult, they start to wander away from what they’ve been eating. They find a sheltered, safe spot in which to pupate, or transform, metamorphosis into an adult. So like me they need to reposition themselves to the proper environment.

Unlike me, Caterpillars instinctively understand the times and how to use them to their advantage. They go up and down the side of the jar in preparation. me… well i get bored easily and need to do something different or i lose interest. These guys are consistent. It’s in their DNA. I believe it’s in my DNA to desire God, to be “most blessed,” to be an “attender” to what He has revealed, but on my way up the jar i become distracted and i take my eyes off what i am destined to do. Some Caterpillars do that as well, but the consequence for them is death as they become a meal for something else. Actually it’s the same for me. i may stumble into something that will take my life.


Caterpillar 2Look at the change in size at five days, and… the mess they are making in the jar. That’s a picture or synopsis of my life at one time or the other. As messy as it looks it is vital for them to go through the process which is not always pretty, neat or orderly. It’s the same for me.

After wandering for a while, (it’s estimated that they travel about 90 human Caterpillar 3miles in the five to ten days) the caterpillar makes a simple silk pad on the underside of a branch or twig. It’s easy to think of a chrysalis as something a caterpillar makes, like a cocoon, but this isn’t really true. The body that the caterpillar reveals when it sheds its skin for the last time is the chrysalis. The pic to the right is one week.


While I may be a product of my past I do not have to be a prisoner of it. Metamorphosis takes care of all that. While it is not a destination, but a journey there is no going back.

I do not want a regret at the end of my life to be that i didn’t go up and down the jar enough times. i do not want to be haunted by risks not taken, opportunities not seized, and dreams not pursued. Every day i purpose to stop running away from what scares me most and start chasing my God-ordained destiny.

“No matter what happened yesterday it is insignificant when compared to what lies within the core of my being today.”
― Sandy Brewer


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