Metamorphosis… The Matter Is

Posted: August 27, 2013 in Metamorphosis, Stumbling...
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Sometimes it is hard watching someone you care about struggle. It could be a spouse trying to succeed in the workplace, a child struggling with school, a friend trying to get a business off the ground, or someone within your circle overwhelmed by a painful divorce.

For me it is instinctive to want to help, but sometimes i need to learn to wait and let the process unfold on its own. i can watch and be there should any help be required, but not dive in.

Wise people practice this. When I’ve going through a personal challenge, they make it clear that they are there but that I need to deal with it myself. I have a verse that I use often these days, Ezra 10:4 “Rise up; this matter is in your hands. We will support you, so take courage and do it.” Ann Marie and I must have spoken that verse 15 to 20 times as we ministered to a line of people at our re-ordination service where we shared these posts in a message.

Rise up; this matter is in your hands. We will support you, so take courage and do it.” Ann Marie gleened a great insight on Saturday as we spent some time at a butterfly farm. The woman was sharing about some chrysalis that she had laying on a desk. She shared that they were alive and that if she did not hang them and they would hatch the way they are, laying down, but they would hatch crippled. That’s what Ezra 10:4 says, “RISE UP” or you’re going to hatch crippled. The matter or the struggle you are facing is in your hands and you can not handle it laying prostrate. It also says that there are those who are with me and I take that to include angels sent by God. So ed rise up, know that there is support from God and others and “DO IT!”

In my younger years this response would drive me up the wall, because all I wanted was for someone else to step in and make everything alright.

I can think of several people who are going through a struggle right now, whom i’ve been trying to help but I keep ending up frustrated and they are probably frustrated with me as well.

Often times the greatest support i can offer others is patience and quiet confidence in the process.

Perhaps i need to stop trying too hard, with regard to a specific person or situation in my life right now. A good question to ask would be , am i trying so hard to make myself feel better, or because it will truly improve the situation?

Unfortunately sometimes the answer is clear only in hindsight. i have to make enough mistakes to start to recognise when the situation is like the butterfly and the chrysalis, or when it is something else.

In my humanness, i sometimes find myself in the chrysalis state. During those times i don’t have much to offer the outside world because, whether i realize it or not, much of my energy is consumed with an inner transition.


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