Looking Foolish… Again!

Posted: October 9, 2013 in Looking Foolish...
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Someone has probably been thinking that i had no God time yesterday because i didn’t post. That would be incorrect, in fact i had an entire day of God and looking foolish. Can i just say that looking foolish comes in all shapes and sizes.

imagesCAR6PKKXYesterday I got up at my appointed time to get alone with God. Everything was going great until… Ann Marie comes into the room and asks me if we were supposed to do the once a month catering today. And of course we were and feeling foolish flooded my mind. In one hour we will have 50 to 60 people arrive at the campus which is 40 minutes away and… they will be expecting continental breakfast waiting for them and most importantly COFFEE!

Now for the next paragraph don’t hate, judge or presume! As I sprang to my feet and began to leave Ann Marie began asking what I was going to do. She asked if she should call someone to help and rattled of a couple of options. As for me, my mind wanted to remind me how foolish i look and how much more foolish i’ll look when those people arrive and the building is locked. i told her no, i’d take care of this but she could call someone to pick her up as i had to leave NOW! One foot out the door, she feels led to say, “what are you going to do, there is no coffee, no pastries, no anything because we didn’t shop yesterday… because, we were both busy but i didn’t check the calendar. Ann Marie please stop it! It was as polite as i could be at that moment. i’m now driving at an unmentionable speed especially for me as I don’t speed, well, i guess i do under the right circumstances, she calls again and i again asked her… no told her to stop it. Go to Youtube and watch Bob Newhart Stop It.

The usual 40 minute trip was 25 min and I arrived before anyone got there. Immediately  i borrowed coffee from one of the churches which is a no-no without permission so i guess i also break rules under the right circumstances. Coffee’s going, tables and chairs all set up and no one is there. During all this i am trying to figure out how i can own this but not look any more foolish than required. Somewhere in all this i told God, thanks but that i didn’t need anymore blog material, especially on my feeling foolish. Not having a clue at that moment as to what i would do for food i felt fairly certain that i was not going to get off easy. i was going to looking foolish.

The first person arrives and i put my explanation to the test. She responds, those things happen in business, what can I do to help? my mind instantly went to the Dunkin Donuts just down the street and she offers to go get whatever i need. Randomly i said 6 dozen would take care of it. Later i found out that 6 dozed is a lot of donuts!

The second person arrives and i share my foolishness with her, she asks what can I do to help? She puts the table cloths on all the tables and now it looks as though nothing is wrong. i put out anything i could find in the way of food. It was nothing compare to what we usually do. The lady arrives with 6 dozen donuts and she chips in and helps put them on plates. It was at here that i realized 3 dozen would have been sufficient.

That pretty well summarizes the event and while i still felt very foolish it could have been much worse. The feeling foolish in part was about feeling foolish to Ann Marie. Now listen carefully! There is no husband and probably no man who is okay with feeling foolish in front of their wife. Why? Because they never forget! I am resolved to the fact that this story will come up at some time in the future and deservedly so, at my expense.

i’m going to look foolish if i’m going to do anything in life and as yesterdays photo said “Until i’m ready to look foolish i’ll never have the possibility of being great. With the exception of 4 people who assisted me and encouraged me with kind words nobody else knew the difference.  Oh yah, the coffee was only ten minutes late.

The “Take Away.” When i moved past my fear of feeling foolish and went after a solution wholeheartedly, i become free and the possibilities became endless.

  1. Theresa says:

    Glad i woke to a post because when we got into bed last night i told John that i had not received any post from you. We both got concerned. Not that i am glad you felt foolish but I am glad you are okay and God came thru.

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