MEASURE #13… Contending… Part 5

Posted: November 8, 2013 in Contending..., Podcasts


A MEASURE is a plan or course of action taken to achieve a particular purpose. Through the leading of the Spirit i am presented with a particular verse and then i determine if i am willing to approve it thus making it a matter of application in my life. My approval has no bearing on whether it is truth or not. It most certainly is truth but i have a choice in what i do with truth.

i woke up this morning to the idea that this post was already done and all i had to do was review it, record it, and post it. NOT!

In the Word Jesus shows me an example of how to begin my day. It says, “He woke up long before the sun rose.” i’d have to say He was intentional. Wanting to be like Jesus, i wake up early before the sunrises as well. Notice i left out the words long before? Non the less i’m being intentional. Then it says, “He went to a far away place.” Again, intentional. For me i too go to a… well, a not so far away place, but from my bedroom to my family room, a distance of about 50 feet. Still intentional! Jesus does these first two things, so that He can spend time with the Father. Intentional, intentional, intentional.  But He doesn’t settle for just a few moments. He gets up before everyone else, goes to a far away place where they can’t find Him, because He wants extended time with His Father, ALONE! Thus, that’s my same intention. i can sum my intentions with three words. PURPOSED, PRIVATE, PROLONGED.

With that being said, i can now get to today’s topic, which just happens to be Contending… Part 5. All week-long i have been sharing about contending, but more specifically about contending for thankfulness. my contending paid off today. As i sat in my purposed, private, prolonged time with the Father this morning i began to notice things within the room. I though it a bit strange as this has been my routine for some time and never before have i even noticed the room or the items in it.

At first glance i saw a small blue, kind of laced ridge bowl with a silver stripe around it. i immediately remembered how long i looked at it before i decided to buy it. i remembered exactly where the shop was and what it looked like. i remembered that i got it during a phase when anything that could hold water, was turned into a fountain. i could almost hear the sound of the water and i was thankful.

i saw a row of VHS videos that captured some of my children’s early years. The one that captured my thoughts was of a Christmas while living in Lake Tahoe. As i thought about that video i still wonder why we recorded endless hours of driving around in the snow just rambling about nothing. i chuckled as i recalled getting the kids a dog which turned out to be one of the worst pets we have ever had, but it brought a smile and i was thankful.

My attention then moved to a painting on the wall, tucked away in a corner where it’s not seen very easily. i though about the person who painted it and gave it to us. They had capture the essence of music and angels which both have great memories of some incredible stories for me. i thought about the fact that the relationship had faded and passed away but the memory of that relationship and this picture that has held a place on the wall of our home for over 25 years brought me to another moment of thankfulness.

i now began to scan the room intently looking at what else i was thankful for. i could not escape from them. Memory after memory filled my heart with more and more thankfulness. Everything before me became precious, reminders of a trip, moments of a place in time, or persons from the past, present and the wonder of who would be in my future.

One of my favorite gifts is a Kaleidoscope that was given to me a couple of years ago. i pick it up every now and then to gaze at the beauty that it creates as i spin one lens this way and another a different way and add variations of light from the windows. So many things to be thankful for as i’m amazed by all the shapes and colors and the imagination of it all.

my prolonged time of about an hour and forty-five minutes was filled and sadly enough gone, but not without one last thankful thought. It came as i was surveying the entire room, realizing that every item in the room occupied a special place on a shelf or a certain position as it hung on a wall. In the memories of that neatly organized room, every item there made my far away place a place of beauty. At that moment i was most thankful for my wife who without realizing it at the time has prepared a place for my most precious and intentional time, that of being with my Father.

In closing i must share that once again, for about the millionth time i am reminded of “Be Still And Know.” my PURPOSED, PRIVATE, PROLONGED time get’s me the BE STILL. The KNOW comes out of the BE STILL. The KNOW is the most intimate moment when i am the Fathers and He is mine and nothing for that instant can separate me from Him. To Know is translated in this verse in the same way that it is when it says that Adam KNEW Eve. That doesn’t require any further explanation. i should say that, where the phrase, so and so knew, so and so, there was a conception that took place and a birth that followed. How is that relevant here? We’ll just have to wait and see. To KNOW comes from INTENTION. INTENTION toward a purposed, private, prolonged time with the Father.  There is no short cut, no easy way, no magic wand to get me there.

i say yes to Psalm 46:10 – MEASURE #13 – i will contend for more purposed, private, prolonged, intimate times of thankfulness? How about you? Will you approve MEASURE #13 and KNOW Him today in that kind of, THANKFUL way?


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