Good, Better, Best! Part 1

Posted: November 11, 2013 in Good, Better, Best!, Podcasts
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Good, Better, Best, Never Let It Rest. Till Your Good Is The Better And Your Better Is The Best.

Jarod Kintz says, “What does it mean to be the best? It means you have to be better than the number two guy. But what gratification is there in that? He’s a loser—that’s why he’s number two.”

That’s what i would call stinking thinking just as these kinds of statements i sometimes make. Statements like, “i gave it my best but, i’m not sure it was good enough. i think i gave it my best shot. all i can do now is wait and see. i did my best but…”

Good, Better, Best, Never Let It Rest. Till Your Good Is The Better And Your Better Is The Best is simply  a change of mind. There are times when i do a good job and leave it at that. There are times when i do a better job and leave it at that, as well. The problem is that when i do the good and the better thing, i ended up dealing with the reality that neither were my best.

Example… Over the years i think i’ve done a fairly GOOD job in relationship with God. Notice i said think. i want to erase it and put know but i have committed to once written it stays. That’s so these post remain real. The problem with think is, it sorta, leaves a question as to what’s being stated. There’s another problem with thinking i’ve done a good job. It’s that i’m comparing my relationship with God to others and thus mine is good, by comparison

In the past say, seven years i again think that i have done a BETTER job in the area of my relationship with God. That change of mind, to go from GOOD to BETTER, awakened me to the relationships with others around me. That’s where i was faced with the truth that i endured people and did not enjoy them. God said, “STOP THAT” and i put some effort into doing better.” The same problem exists with better as it did with good. i’m still comparing and now i’m assuming that my Good was really good. Get where i’m going? If my good really wasn’t good then my better really can’t be better.

Two years ago at this same time i had a change of mind. It was to make the leap from BETTER to BEST. That’s not to say that i have arrived. BEST is not a destination, it is a journey of intentional living. my BEST is always growing and maturing in direct proportion to my intentions. While i still make mistakes, wrong choices, bad decisions, etc, i end many of my days KNOWING that i’m doing my best right where i’m at.

Let me take one last stab at explaining this. I’m driving down the road, i pass a gas station or two but pay no attention to the gas gage in my car and then i run out of gas. Good would be to check the gas gage. Better would be to check the gas gage and to drive in the direction of one of the gas stations. Best would be to check the gas gage, drive in the direction of the gas station and to stop and put gas in the car. There is a confidence that then comes from doing my best.

Checking the gage gave me valuable information but i did nothing with it so it was useless. The word of God is like that, filled with valuable information yet if left for simply good information it is useless.

Checking the gas gage and driving in the direction of the gas station was certainly better than doing nothing but ultimately it was still less than what was best. So i hear or read the word of God which is better than what was good if left there it still does nothing toward getting what i need in my life.

The best i can do is read the word which is good, move in the direction of the filling station by studying the word, which is better, and then stop, stay a while and fill up on His presence which is my best!


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