Good, Better, Best! – Part 3

Posted: November 13, 2013 in Good, Better, Best!, Podcasts
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Good, Better, Best, never let it rest, Till your Good is the Better and your Better is the Best.

It seems like there is always one post that is odd or different in nature from all the rest even though it is in regards to the same topic. Today is that post. While all the other posts talk about doing or being at my best today’s post is about finding my BEST ideas. Today’s post contains more research information then spiritual application but i found it interesting so please, bear with me. If you don’t care for this kind of post perhaps you could change your mind and everything will change. Find some value, some nugget in the information. Stop counting the cost of having listened to what your currently viewing as worthless. By the closing of this post i found several elements to be thankful for, hot showers being one.

i’m in the shower, mindlessly scrubbing my toes when—bam!—a prophetic thought pops into my head. Maybe i finally solve that glitch bugging me on my computer, pad or smart phone. That’s the glitch right there, too much electronics. Maybe i learn something terribly more important. The meaning of life, perhaps.

Those aha! moments aren’t locked inside my bottle of shampoo. It would seem that the shower creates the perfect conditions for a creative flash, drawing out my inner genius, so to speak.

Research actually shows i’m more likely to have a creative epiphany when i’m doing something monotonous, like fishing, exercising, or showering. Since these  routines don’t require much thought, my mind flips to autopilot. This frees up my unconscious to work on something else. my mind goes wandering, leaving my brain to quietly play a no-holds-barred game of free thoughts.

Ideas i have in the shower are so different from the ideas i have at work. Thinking hard about a problem deactivates my default thought process. This isn’t a bad thing—it allows me to focus and gives me the strength to stop day dreaming and hit the deadline. But it can also trap me. When i’m deeply focused on a task, my brain is more likely to censor unconventional, and creative, solutions… and who am i to disagree with the researchers

Strange as it sounds, my brain is not most active when i’m focused on a task. Research shows it’s more active when i let go of the controls and  allow it to wander. Shelley Carson at Harvard found that highly creative people share one amazing  trait, they’re easily distracted. And, that’s the beauty of a warm shower. It  distracts me. It makes me defocus. It lets my brain roam.

But what makes the shower different from a boring board meeting? Doesn’t my  mind wander there, too?

Well, yeah. i have the scribbles to prove it. But a  shower is relaxing. It’s a small, safe, enclosed space. i feel comfortable there. On top of that, i’m alone. It may be the only alone time i get all day. It’s my chance to get away from the outside.

When i’m that relaxed, my brain releases everyone’s favorite happy-go-lucky neurotransmitter, dopamine. A flush of dopamine boosts my  creative juices. More alpha waves will also ripple through my brain. Alphas accompany my brain’s daydreamy default setting and encourages creative fireworks.

Wait! There’s more! The time i shower, also plays into the equation. Most wash up either in the morning or at night, when we’re most tired. According to the journal Thinking  and Reasoning, that’s our creative peak. The groggy morning fog weakens my brain’s censors, keeping me from blocking the irrelevant, distracting thoughts that make great ideas possible.

There you have it. i’m distracted, relaxed, and tired. The shower creates the perfect storm  for my BEST ideas.


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