A Fools Moment…

Posted: January 27, 2014 in Guest Hosts, Podcasts


Today’s guest host is Theresa Villazon.

I woke up this morning with a million things on my mind, as I’m sure many of us do. I quickly thought there’s no time to sit with the Lord and talk with him about these things on my heart since today was Sunday and we were headed to church in less than an hour. So I jumped out of bed to get ready while my mind continued to run in a million different directions.

Instead of going to the Lord for his perspective about this stuff, I had a better idea! I decided I would go straight to the source of who I thought was part of my problem, my husband! Now ladies, I know you have never thought for one moment that your husbands were ever part of any of your problems, so for a few minutes try not to judge me and listen with an open mind. So I began processing all this stuff with him, hoping secretively that he would somehow pick up on the things that he was doing or not doing and provide me some solutions. Needless to say, I found out quickly I was not receiving the responses that I so graciously wanted and found myself getting even more irritated at him.

So we went to church and put on the happy little couple smile, all the while I was thinking…Lord, hit him over the head with whatever sermon is being preached today so maybe he will get it! Again, I know I’m alone in this thought process, but hang in there with me. By the time we got home, I went from irritated to…he needs to know what he’s doing wrong and he needs to know that I’m angry about it!

Now as marriage ministry leaders, I would not suggest any wife taking this approach. We do not recommend this course of action to other couples, but I just assumed that didn’t apply to me. Let’s just say the conversation could have turned in a wrong direction very quickly but it didn’t. Thank you Father for your grace!

Later that evening I was pondering on what to blog about when I ran across Proverbs 29:11 that states, “Fools vent their anger, but the wise quietly hold it back.” Ouch!! I had to let that sit there for a moment. Isn’t that what I just did this afternoon? Was I being a fool? Nah!! I couldn’t be a fool, he needed to hear everything I had to say. Or at least so I thought! In those few moments the Lord began to show me, more times than I like to recall, where I felt it necessary to vent out my anger such as on my kids, my parents, my spouse, the driver in front of me, the customer service person on the phone, the waitress, the sales clerk, etc.

So I quickly reached for the dictionary to look up the word “fool.” It said a fool means a person who lacks good sense or judgment: or a stupid person. But that wasn’t all; it stated a person who enjoys something very much. Well that’s not me; I don’t like venting my anger. To which the Lord kindly responded, “You must get some satisfaction if you continue to do it over and over again.” Suddenly it sunk in; I have been playing a fool! I could no longer sit and pretend that I didn’t know it was wrong.  I did know but I didn’t care! All I cared about was the self satisfaction of letting them know how I felt. See a fool is not just someone who lacks good sense or judgment; he often times knows what is right and doesn’t care.

Not only did I not care but I wasn’t being obedient to what the Word said to do which is, a “wise” person quietly holds back their anger. See, the dictionary defines “wise” as someone who shows good sense or judgment but also shows wisdom usually caused from a learning experience. Obviously like the one I’m learning now in how before running my mouth, I need to ask God for His perspective on things (like the part I skipped this morning). If I would have just taken the time this morning, He would have shown me that there were parts that I wasn’t seeing, things He was doing that I could have easily made worse or delayed due to my foolish behavior.

Remember doing the right thing won’t always “FEEL” like the right thing; however, it could mean all the difference in the outcome. So now it’s time for me to eat so humble pie and go apologize to my husband and ask him and the Lord to forgive me for playing the fool.


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