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Posted: January 27, 2014 in Guest Hosts, Podcasts


I have this favorite TV show called Flashpoint. Some of you may have heard of it, it was only on television for about 5 seasons. But something about this show captivated me. I believe it was not only the way they diffused situations, but their ability to profile their suspects at the same time. They had this unique way of seeing more than what was in front of them.

In every situation, even if their own life was threatened, they knew there was more than just a suspect holding a gun or someone being held hostage. The person they were dealing at some point reached their breaking point and it was their job to figure out why. I will never forget this one episode when their Sergeant said to a reporter, “when we show up, we are meeting people on the worse day of their lives, we don’t know the details that pushed them there, but it’s our job to bring them hope.”

Can you imagine being one of those team members? The patience that they must possess and the love for their job to put their lives on the line everyday for total strangers.  I’m not sure what you’re thinking, but all I could think is nope not me..I wouldn’t be cut out for a job like that. Or at least I thought so until yesterday.

If you remember I shared with you a big teaching moment for me. An area in my life which I had the opportunity to go from being a fool to becoming a wise person. The Lord brought me to Proverbs 29:11 which states that a fool vents his anger but the wise hold it in. After talking with the Lord, I realized holding in my anger hasn’t been one of my strongest points in my life. I was under the impression if someone made me angry, especially my husband or kids; they deserved to receive a piece of my mind.

Never did I think in one of those moments of anger with the cashier who had the bad attitude, or the waitress that kept getting my order wrong, or the customer service person on the phone that was being rude, or even my husband who came home from a long day’s work in a bad mood did it ever cross my mind that I could be meeting a person on the worse day of their life and God called me, one of his SRU (Strategic Response Unit) members, to help bring hope to their lives. It could be that very day I decide to act the fool and vent my anger, that I could be pushing this person to their breaking point. I don’t know about you, but that’s not a consequence I want on my shoulders.

Therefore, I began processing with the Lord that I’m not qualified to do something like that and what does “that” really look like. So he took me to the dictionary to define what “breaking point” even means, a point in which physical, mental, or emotional strength give way (collapses or becomes critical) under stress. At which point, he took me back to the night of January 7th of this year.

John was on his way home from work that day and we just hung up the phone. There had been a lot going on that past week and I for one was looking for his attention. However, my conversation with him didn’t leave me looking forward to him coming home. He seemed distant, tired, and almost uninterested in talking with me. Now mind you, the word “tired” had become a norm for him. Even though he had every reason to be because he would leave at 4:30am in the morning and not come home until 6:30pm at night. Plus he worked in a warehouse that had no air conditioning or heat so he was exposed to all the elements. But I was tired of hearing about him being tired.

So when he arrived, I quickly asked him again what was wrong and got the typical response, I’m tired. All evening the Holy Spirit kept cautioning me not to bombard him with questions, roll my eyes or get mad because I wanted his attention. And so glad I did.

Later that evening we went for a walk and he proceeded to tell me he was laid off from work that day. This was huge considering we had been in foreclosure for the past four years and just seven days earlier we had just gotten our house finally out of foreclosure. It was in that moment that the Lord showed me I was meeting my husband on one of the worse days his life. He felt defeated, he felt like a failure, he was angry, etc. and my attitude before he told me or my very next response to him after the news was critical.  There was an opportunity to bring him hope or push him to his breaking point. And thank God I listened to the Holy Spirit and kept my mouth shut and spoke only what the Holy Spirit wanted me to say.

God showed me that I don’t need to be on a SWAT team or have special skilled training in dealing with difficult people or who I think are being difficult. All I need to do is be willing to put myself aside and ask the Holy Spirit for his perspective on the situation and the discernment in how to respond. Proverbs 15:1 says it best, a gentle answer deflects anger, but harsh words make tempers flare. So the next time you are faced with someone making you angry ask the Holy Spirit for his help and respond accordingly, it could be the difference of bringing someone Hope or pushing them to their breaking point.


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