Let’s Go Fly A Kite… An Extension Of Me!

Posted: January 29, 2014 in Let's Go Fly A Kite...!, Podcasts
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imagesHA9VWFAC“Let’s Go Fly A Kite…” no… i’m not insinuating nor telling you to go fly a kite as in get lost and, nobody told me to do like wise. Several weeks ago i saw the movie “Saving Mr. Banks,” thus this series comes from my observations, inspirations and lessons learned from it. Actually i’m hoping to see it again before finishing with these posts.

Surely there is at least one who is already thinking that perhaps i should go fly a kite as there can’t be anything spiritual to be gained from posting about such an event. Further there is no mention of kite flying in the word so this must be one of those seeker friendly, or puffy posts that is supposed to be fun and not deep in the inspirational category. While you are entitled to your opinion, only time will tell and at this moment i maintain that you would be incorrect in your thinking.

According to Wikipedia “Let’s Go Fly A Kite” is a song from Walt Disney’s film Mary Poppins, composed by Richard M. Sherman and Robert B. Sherman. The song is heard at the end of the film when the story’s protagonist, George Banks, realizes that his family is more important than his job. He mends his son’s kite and takes his family on a kite-flying outing. This is a metaphor. The mended kite being a symbol of the mended Banks family. i don’t know what i thought “Mary Poppins” was about but after watching it i didn’t walk away with any particular thoughts or a message. i still didn’t get the idea of the new movie title “Saving Mr. Banks” until i saw it or should i say experienced it.

i’m not going to get to deep into the movie as i don’t want to ruin it for anyone, i’ll share no more than i have to. As i think about these post it may turn out to be best described as a metaphor in themselves. There should probably be a warning with this post. If you choose to listen to the song or even just read it and imagine listening to it, it’s going to stick with you in the same way that “It’s A Small World” does. There, now i’ve done it, and i’m humming them both!

The following link takes you to the first scene that filled me with emotions, not because of the song but because P.L. Travers let’s go of just a small piece of herself and she is able to smile, tap her feet and dance to the rhythm of the song, all scriptural by the way. It’s not hard for me to imagine the release that she experiences within herself, even if only a small tiny morsel. So please watch the scene and see for yourself if you dare? For those who don’t care to watch I shared the words. Either way, listening or reading, use your imaginal cells, extend yourself, respond to the invitation of the lyrics.


Oh, oh, oh!
Let’s go fly a kite
Up to the highest height!
Let’s go fly a kite and send it soaring
Up through the atmosphere
Up where the air is clear
Oh, let’s go fly a kite!

Mr. Banks:
With tuppence for paper and strings
You can have your own set of wings
With your feet on the ground
You’re a bird in a flight
With your fist holding tight
To the string of your kite

When you send it flyin’ up there
All at once you’re lighter than air
You can dance on the breeze
Over ‘ouses and trees
With your first ‘olding tight
To the string of your kite

Oh, oh, oh!
Let’s go fly a kite
Up to the highest height!
Let’s go fly a kite and send it soaring
Up through the atmosphere
Up where the air is clear
Let’s go fly a kite!

“Let’s Go Fly A Kite” an extension of me. At one end of the string my feet are planted firmly on the ground, but, at the other end i have let go, and as the song says, “i’m “soaring to the highest height, Up through the atmosphere. Up where the air is clear.” Above my circumstances, my fears, my hurts and woundedness, where my Heavenly Father meets with me, where nothing matters but Him and once His presence touches me i become light. Isaiah 60:1-5 says it this way, “Arise ed[from the depression and prostration in which circumstances have kept you—rise to a new life]! Shine  ed (be radiant with the glory of the Lord), for ed your light has come, and the glory of the Lord has risen upon you! For behold, darkness shall cover the earth, and dense darkness [all] peoples, but the Lord shall arise upon you ed, and His glory shall be seen on you. And nations shall come to your light, and kings to the brightness of your rising. ed Lift up your eyes round about you and see! They all gather themselves together, they come to you. Your sons shall come from afar, and your daughters shall be carried and nursed in the arms. Then ed you shall see and be radiant, and your heart shall thrill and tremble with joy and be enlarged;

“Let’s Go Fly A Kite…” An Extension Of Me!

i can’t help but imagine that many people just like me, would enjoy the pleasures and fellowship that are to be found at the end of a kite line. Sharing with you today seems to make the fun and joy even greater. Thank You!


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