Who Is “me”…? Part #1

Posted: February 24, 2014 in Podcasts, Who Is "me"...?
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Who is me, i know, it’s bad grammar, but it fits the subject of my recent posts and podcasts. i’ve shared about being a rule, Keeper, Breaker, Ponderer, and Stretcher, realizing that i’m actually all 4 of those at one time or another. Then i shared about being an “All or Nothing” personality, again realizing that while i’m more “In Between” i still have areas where i am very much “All or Nothing.” Today i’d like to continue peeling the onion so to speak, diving in a little deeper as to who “me” is in regards to my personality and how it affects my spiritual life.

i’m seeing that actually studying personalities is very complex and in fact my most recent observation is that i have many personalities. I… am a complex person, an individual with layer upon layer of personality traits which like i said, are being peeled away like an onion.

Today the first thing for me to do is to read both sets of descriptions for Question #1 and then simply decide which list as a whole describes me best. A major consideration for me is to try to answer as i really am, not how i wish  i was, or have to be in certain environments.

Inner or Outer Personality? Question #1 – Where do i go naturally?

As an Outer i would usually direct my energy towards people and things outside of myself. As an Outer i would generally be more active and expressive and widely interested in many things. As an Inner i would usually direct my energy towards my own thoughts, perceptions and reactions.  And as an Inner i generally am more reserved, quiet, cautious and not as interested in as many interactions, but, i would go into greater depths and focus on the things i’m into.

As an Outer personality i would… Have high energy, Talk more than listen, Think out loud, Act, then think, Like to be around people a lot, Prefer a public role, Be sometimes easily distracted, Prefer to do lots of things at once, Be outgoing & enthusiastic.

As An Inner personality i would… Have quiet energy, Listen more than talk, Think quietly inside my head, Think, then act, Feel comfortable being alone, Prefer to work “behind-the-scenes” Have good powers of concentration, Prefer to focus on one thing at a time, Be self-contained and reserved.

Those who know both Ann Marie and i will understand that i have an absolute visual comparison of these two types of personalities right before my eyes. This one for me is an easy answer, i am an Inner Personality while Ann Marie is an Outer personality. She has a high energy, contagious personality while I prefer a quieter approach. She loves to talk and I love to listen. Her mind is always working and i’m trying to quiet mine. She is the epitome of a people person and me… i’d just as soon be alone. While there are elements that would seem to put me into the Outer Personality type, it’s more out of what’s expected of me than where i like to function from.

This is an easy one, i am an Inner personality type. Next, both personality types process information but in two different ways so the next question is…
Sensor or Intuitive Personality? Question #2 – In what way do i gather information and more specifically what information do i gather and remember?
As a Sensor i would notice the facts, details, and realities of the world around me. As a Sensors i would tend to be practical and take things literally. i would be one who trusts past experience and often have good common sense. If i were an Intuitive i would be more interested in connections and relationships between facts as well as the meaning, or possibilities of the information. Also as an Intuitive i would tend to be more imaginative, and perceptive, one who would not hesitate to trust my hunches and actually pride myself on my creativity.
As a Sensor i would… Focus on details & specifics, Admire practical solutions, Notice details & remember facts, Are pragmatic – see what is, Live in the here-and-now, Trust actual experience, Like to use established skills, Like step-by-step instructions, Work at a steady pace.

As an Intuitive i would… Focus on the big picture & possibilities, Admire creative ideas, Notice anything new or different, Are inventive – see what could be, Think about future implications, Trust my gut instincts, Prefer to learn new skills, Like to figure things out for myself, Work in bursts of energy.

Okay… not as easy as question #1 so i had to sort through what things were causing me to debate my answer. my problem was more from the aspect of eliminating certain things that i see as assets to being a Sensor. Example, admiring practical solutions, noticing details and remembering facts. Living in the now is another one. But… ultimately my answer is that i am an Intuitive personality. The traits of an Intuitive personality are more natural for me and they often out-weigh the ones i mentioned if i were a Sensor.

So… thus far i’m a Keeper, Breaker, Ponderer, Stretcher, All or Nothing, Inner, Intuitive personality, oh…. with traces of an In Between, Outer, Sensor personality as well. Told you, i’m a complex person.

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