The Moon and The Stars!

Posted: September 5, 2014 in Love, Onething Life, Podcasts, Wandering Thoughts
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i recently saw a program  where the police officer was directing a suspect to put down the rifle he had in his left hand. The suspect was compliant but the officer was so focused on the rifle that he didn’t see the suspect reach with his right hand for the handgun that was hidden in the small of his back.

i can easily miss some important things because of what i’ll call “tunnel vision.” I’m referring to relationships for todays information. Like the police man and the rifle i let current experiences narrow my vision. They said they loved me, but then… They told me constantly they cared, but when i needed them, where were they?

A wide receiver on a football team must have tunnel vision. He doesn’t have the luxury of thinking about crowd noise as the football spirals toward him. The batter as he concentrates on the baseball hurling toward the plate must use tunnel vision.

In 1994, Tom Amberly set a world record by making 2,750 free throws in a row. Here’s what’s amazing about this record:

  • He was not a professional basketball player, he was a foot doctor.
  • He was 71 at the time.
  • He did not miss number 2,751. The building manager shut off the lights and closed the gym.
  • According to Amberly, “The only thing limiting you is yourself….we are more limited by our beliefs than our ability.”

Tunnel vision in the right situation can be good, but in the wrong situation… it’s a disaster and here’s why… because what i focus on, gets bigger in my life. A man is so focused on getting ahead in his career that he neglects his family. A mother is devoted to her children at the expense of her relationship with her husband. A teenager emphasizes sports and lets the grades slip.

i get so busy counting the times where love wasn’t what it could or should have been that i lose the moments where it was exactly what i needed. i get so distracted remembering the times someone said they cared and it felt like they left me out to dry. All the while i forget to be grateful for the times they spent hours or days caring for me. i become so focused on me that there’s no time to miss the ones that have shared their lives with me, with integrity and sincerity, if only for a moment.

Romans 12:18 (AMP) If possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone.

This is not a command to be a doormat, but it does place a certain amount of responsibility for my relationships directly on me.

There is nothing more important than relationships and they are fleeting. There’s nothing wrong with counting stars but get a good look at the moon as well. People will disappoint me but people will also surprise me. Both situations are a part of life.

Why do I have to be the one to make the calls, send the cards or text a word of encouragement… or apologize… because God holds those stars and the moon in place. Each twinkle of a star or glimmer from the moon reminds me that there are those who love me, care for me and miss me. So, let’s make a call to someone who didn’t measure up as a star but glimmers as a ray of light from the moon.


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